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Board Best Practices

How to close a board meeting 

Running a board meeting can be demanding. Whether you are the board chair trying to keep the meeting on schedule and draw in disengaged directors, or the board administrator consumed with the responsibility of creating board books, board meetings involve many carefully managed parts.  This guide simplifies wrapping up a successful board meeting by breaking it down into four easy steps plus helpful bonus tips when dealing with unfinished business. What do
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Board portal comparison – Aprio vs. Boardable
Board Portal Evaluation

Board portal comparison – Aprio vs Boardable

While both Aprio and Boardable offer an easy-to-use board portal for non-profits, there are some standout differences to consider. See our comparison on security, features, service and more.
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Board Best Practices

What is the board structure for a nonprofit organization?

The mission of a nonprofit may vary from organization to organization. It can range from sheltering the homeless to advocating for the members of the organization itself.  However, one thing that all nonprofit organizations have in common is a board of directors.  Nonprofit or not, the relationship between an organization’s staff and its board of directors is unique. Still, every board has a similar structure and more or less the same legal
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Master board meetings with advanced board meeting management software
Board Best Practices

Master board meetings with advanced meeting management software

Discover how board meeting management software helps you run better board meetings, keep directors up to date, and keep company information secure. Explore the benefits, features, and practical tips to choose the best-fit software for your organization.
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Meridian Credit Union branch
Case Studies

Case study – Meridian re-evaluates modern board technology

How can a credit union select the best modern technology to increase the efficiency of board and committee meetings and improve services to its board? That’s the question Meridian Credit Union was examining after first evaluating board portal software nine years ago. Even though Meridian had just earned a Governance Professionals of Canada EGA award for Best Approach to Achieving Effective Board and Committee Operations, which included accolades for how effectively the
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