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Board Task Management

Keep your board organized and productive with Aprio’s Board Task Manager. It’s easy to track action items and see which tasks got accomplished and what’s still outstanding.

Track and assign board tasks with an intuitive task manager

Simplify your task management and make it easy for your board to stay organized and efficient for every board action item.

Stay on top of action items with less effort with Aprio’s Board Task Manager

Cut the manual administrative effort to stay on top of action items and ensure board members complete tasks on time. Aprio’s Board Task Manager streamlines the work of board administrators and governance specialists who oversee action items for the board.

See a demo of Aprio’s Board Task Manager

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Hold board directors accountable for board tasks


Transparent task management for a more productive board

When board members log in to Aprio, upcoming and due action items appear on the dashboard including action items for individual responsibilities and committees. 

Board administrators can also send reminders to board members on specific action items, ensuring your board is always on top of their tasks and nothing falls through the cracks.

See Aprio's board task management software in action today

Don’t let any board action items fall through the cracks. Help your board of directors stay on track with help from Aprio. Book a personalized tour today.

FAQs about Aprio's Board Task Manager

Absolutely! Aprio’s Board Task Manager allows you to assign tasks to individual board members and set deadlines for completion. This feature ensures clear accountability and efficient task execution.
Yes, Aprio’s Board Task Manager provides real-time progress tracking. You’ll receive notifications and updates as tasks are completed or if any changes occur, keeping you informed and in control.
Aprio’s Board Task Manager fosters collaboration by enabling board members to view and comment on tasks, share updates, and communicate directly within the platform. This transparent feedback loop enhances teamwork and decision-making.
Absolutely! Aprio’s Board Task Manager allows you to oversee and manage more significant initiatives. Monitor progress across multiple facets of your organization’s projects. Use your Actions menu to keep track of ongoing tasks.
Aprio’s Board Task Manager also integrates with other features like Meeting Minutes. Save time tracking action items as you create meeting minutes. Plus, see upcoming due action items right from the Aprio dashboard.
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