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Board Reporting Software to simplify governance and compliance

Streamline governance and compliance reporting with help from Aprio’s board reporting software. We offer 9 different reports to help your board stay informed and engaged, with secure audit trails and customizable reports.

Choose from multiple board reports

Board reports - attendance reporting

Select from a comprehensive collection of reports including attendance, login activity, board votes, expense reports and more. Share your reports with select users or groups as you need.

Get an accurate audit trail with Aprio’s board reporting software

Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements in less time. We make it efficient to gather information for reporting by providing an automated audit trail of all board and compliance activities.

See a demo of Aprio’s Board Reports

Ready to see Aprio in action? Connect with one of our product specialists to get a personalized tour today.

Track and manage board expenses

Effortlessly manage and track board expenses right in Aprio. Easily export board expenses including receipts to submit to your accounting or finance department.

Keep security top of mind with login reports

Aprio’s login and activity reports provide valuable insights into board member engagement and platform usage, ensuring secure and efficient utilization of the platform.

Optimize your board reporting today

Ready to cut hours from board reporting? Connect with our friendly team for a personalized tour to see how Aprio can streamline your board reporting efforts.

FAQs on Aprio’s board reports

You can choose from nine different board report templates, including a complete audit trail of board decisions, attendance tracking, login reports, expense reports and more.
Aprio allows you to generate board reports as frequently as needed. Whether you require reports on a monthly, quarterly, or ad-hoc basis, we offer you the flexibility to tailor reporting to your needs.
Aprio automates the creation of accurate audit trails, saving you valuable time and effort. We help your board meet regulatory and compliance requirements with a detailed record of key actions and dates.
Aprio prioritizes the security and confidentiality of all board-related data, including board reports. We use robust data encryption and security measures to safeguard sensitive information while also giving you control over who can access to reports, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view the data.
Board administrators have access to all the reports and can upload reports for board members’ access in the centralized library. Stay on top of past board decisions and activities to help provide your board with timely insights.
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