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Meeting Notes Software to capture board meeting minutes fast

Take the hassle out of recording meeting minutes. Capture minutes, assign tasks, and approve motions while your board meeting is underway. Instantly save and share minutes when it’s over. It’s never been easier to focus on the meeting and record it — fast.

Jumpstart your minutes draft using your agenda with Aprio’s minute meeting software

meeting minutes software from Aprio - add topics and subtopics
It’s meeting day — get instantly ready for recording your minutes by starting with your meeting agenda or a template of your choice with Aprio’s Meeting Minutes Builder.

Track attendance, record tasks and motions with our software for meeting minutes

Effective meetings go beyond minute taking. Capture board motions, hold individuals accountable to action items and track attendance all in one place with Aprio’s Meeting Minutes Builder.

See a demo of Aprio’s Meeting Minute Builder

Ready to see Aprio in action? Connect with one of our product specialists to get a personalized tour today.

Export your board meeting minutes as a PDF using our meeting notes software

With Aprio, it’s easy to create, share, and archive your meeting minutes. Share your meeting minutes as a PDF file, ready for approval at the next board meeting. Use our Minutes Builder to:

Keep your meeting minutes safe and secure with Aprio

The topics and discussions that board members discuss are often confidential and sensitive. With Aprio, keep your meeting minutes secure and away from inboxes, which can expose sensitive details.

Create board meeting minutes in just minutes. Approvals, motions and action items included.

See Aprio’s Minute Builder in action and find out how fast and foolproof building accurate meeting minutes can be. Get a tour with one of our product specialists.

FAQs about Aprio’s meeting notes generator

Absolutely! Aprio prioritizes security and uses encryption to protect your meeting minutes. Access to minutes is restricted through role-based access control, ensuring only authorized board members can view the information.
Aprio’s Meeting Minutes Software allows you to track attendance during meetings, assign action items to specific board members, and record crucial board motions. Easily document board decisions, voting outcomes, and resolutions passed during the meeting for easy reference and follow-up.

Yes! Get a jumpstart on creating your meeting minutes by starting with your agenda. Add topics and use the formatting tools to save time and ensure consistency between your meeting agendas and minutes.

You can export your meeting minutes as a PDF. Share your draft meeting minutes with other admins or co-authors. Once minutes are uploaded to the next meeting agenda for approval, your meeting minutes are automatically archived, making it easy to search and access historical minutes.
Absolutely! Aprio’s Meeting Minutes Software provides a real-time note-taking feature, allowing you to capture discussions, decisions, and action items directly during the meeting. Add a co-author to help capture your minutes or support the review of your draft meeting minutes when you’re ready.

Yes! Aprio makes it easy to search and find past meeting minutes so you can access and review previous discussions. Aprio helps simplify all of your board’s record-keeping, including historical board decisions, bylaws, compliance documentation or action items.

Absolutely! Aprio’s Meeting Minutes Software promotes collaboration among board administrators and governance specialists. After the meeting, participants can access the minutes, make comments, and suggest edits.
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