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Board portal software in Canada

Why more Canadian boards are choosing Aprio board portal software

Is your Canadian board evaluating board portal software to enhance your productivity and board communications?

Consider Aprio.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Aprio’s board portal software has helped Canadian boards of all sizes in financial services, education, government and large corporations since 2003.

More boards across Canada and the US are adopting Aprio to help streamline board meeting preparation, ensure secure access to board documents and facilitate effective decision-making.

See why more Canadian board admins and board directors ultimately choose Aprio or skip ahead to these sections:

How Aprio’s board portal software enhances governance for Canadian organizations

Whether you’re navigating compliance in Canada’s financial sector, the accountability demands in education, or the transparency expectations in government, Aprio’s board management software provides everything you need to manage board governance effectively.

By automating an audit trail of all board activities, securely controlling access to documents, and supporting board evaluations, we help Canadian boards adhere to their compliance and regulatory responsibilities. This could include financial reporting, document retention policies and succession planning.

Aprio also provides instant access to essential board materials including bylaws, policies and reports, as well as ensures a secure, collaborative environment for board members to work from. This enables board members to focus on their governance duties and strategic decision-making, and not get overwhelmed by administrative tasks.

In addition to supporting board governance, Aprio offers industry-leading security, with the ability to host your data securely within Canada. We also offer robust security features such as remote wiping, granular user access control and multiple-factor authentication.

Board portal software Canada

Key features included in Aprio’s board portal software for Canadian boards

Aprio’s board portal provides all the advanced board portal features boards need to streamline board management and communication. We also offer you the ability to hide features and scale your software at a pace that works for your board.

Here are some of the key features Aprio offers every customer to streamline board meeting preparation, make faster decisions, and keep board members on track.

  • Convenient document management for board members to easily search and access all board materials
  • Agenda Builder to streamline meeting agenda creation and distribution
  • Meeting Minutes Builder to easily document and share record meeting minutes
  • Chat or discussions to facilitate communication and collaboration outside of a board meeting, and out of email
  • Board Task Manager to track action items to keep board members organized
  • Board surveys, assessments and polls to gather valuable feedback and insights, as well as increase engagement
  • Integrations for virtual board meetings so board members can join in one click
  • Online board voting and e-signatures to streamline approvals and decisions
  • Board reports to gain valuable insights into board activities and automate audit trails

Aprio board portal features

Board portal software pricing: considerations for Canadian boards

When comparing the cost of board portal software, it’s important to get customized quotes to truly compare. Be sure to consider your goals, all the features you may need, how many users and committees will need access, and the quality of support your board will need – all for a fair price.

We believe that good governance should be simple, with no surprises on pricing. Aprio’s subscription starts at 12 user licenses – any number of which can be administrators — and unlimited committees at no extra cost. Our pricing includes initial one-on-one training for administrators and directors and any ongoing training you may need to set your board up for success.

As the only board portal software company in Canada, our pricing makes us an even more attractive choice. That’s because Canadian boards pay with Canadian dollars. Many Canadian customers remark on how being invoiced in CAD eliminates the frustration of budgeting with fluctuating, and often high, exchange rates.

Why Aprio is your best choice for board portal software in Canada

Aprio stands out for providing a secure, easy-to-use board portal that works the way a board actually works. Not to mention our standout, friendly (and Canadian!) customer service.

Canadian customers tell us they choose Aprio for its:

  • Industry-leading security: We adhere to the highest security standards in the industry with robust measures to safeguard your data at every level, from storage and backups of board documents to monitoring and encryption and advanced layers of security features. For Canadian customers, we securely host your data on Canadian servers.
  • Ease of use: Aprio’s board meeting software is simple and straightforward to learn for admins, executives and board members. Even the less tech-savvy ones.
  • Unmatched expert support: Aprio’s customer service sets us apart. You won’t find automated chat answers or hard-to-reach call centers, you’ll actually talk to a real person who knows firsthand the stresses and urgencies of board meeting management and communication —24/7, 365 days a year.

Don’t just take our word for it. We serve hundreds of Canadian boards from credit unions, to educational institutions and crown corporations including Tim Horton’s Advisory Board, Telus International, Vancity, Farm Credit Canada, Niagara College, BC Housing and more.

Canadian boards choose Aprio's board portal software
They’ve seen firsthand how our board portal software streamlines their processes and enhances governance. Here’s what they’re saying:

Aprio’s board portal is extremely easy and straightforward to use, and its robust security measures ensure the confidentiality of our company information. I love the new enhancements, including agenda templates, approvals and signatures! With over a decade of experience as an Aprio customer, I have no hesitation in recommending the Aprio board portal and its outstanding service and support. –Canadian Scholarship Trust

It gives our board and executives a level of confidence knowing our documents are confidential, secure and encrypted within the Aprio Boardroom software. That and the fact that we have been able to reduce the paper use by half, goes a long ways towards the ROI. –BC Institute of Technology

Experience the Canadian difference with Aprio’s board portal software

Backed by the friendliest service in the industry and an easy-to-use secure board portal, discover why hundreds of Canadian boards chose Aprio. We top the charts for positive customer reviews by providing advanced security, complete features, and standout time savings tools like our automated agenda builder, meeting minute builder and comprehensive reports!

If you’d like to see Aprio in action – get in touch with our sales team. We’d love to learn more about your organization and how we can help support your board.

See the Aprio difference.

We’re happy to help assess your needs and the fit with Aprio. Take the first step.

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