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A good agenda can make or break a board meeting. Our Agenda Builder helps you create board packages faster that ensure smooth, productive and successful board meetings.

agenda builder from Aprio helps you create board meeting agendas in a fraction of the time

Streamline agenda creation with easy-to-use templates

Agenda builder

Say goodbye to all that manual effort to prepare board packages. With Aprio’s Agenda Builder, create agenda templates and customize each agenda by adding topics and subtopics and uploading board documents in minutes.

Streamline agenda creation and customization.

Upload any file type with Aprio’s Agenda Creator

Add any document to your board packages. From PDFs to Excel spreadsheets, our Agenda Builder makes it easy to upload and access all your board materials – regardless of file type.

Save time with full document compatibility.

agenda builder convert any file type into your board meeting agenda

See a demo of Aprio’s Agenda Builder

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Use Aprio’s Agenda Builder for recurring meetings

agenda builder from Aprio helps you import an agenda template from another meeting
Whether you have weekly, monthly, or quarterly board meetings, Aprio’s Agenda Builder makes preparing for recurring meetings a breeze. Save time and ensure consistency by creating agenda templates to use for your recurring meetings.

Streamline recurring meeting preparation.

Stay on schedule with the Agenda Builder time management feature

Help board members stay on schedule during your board meeting with Aprio’s Agenda Builder time management feature. Set time allocations for each agenda item and assign presenters to keep meetings running smoothly.

Efficient time management for board meetings.

Stay on schedule with the Agenda Builder time management feature

Get same-time access to board materials with Aprio’s Agenda Building Software

Agenda builder allows you to email out your agenda to board members and give secure access to documents
Keep all board members well-informed and engaged with same-time access to the meeting agenda and supporting board materials. With Aprio’s Agenda Builder, board administrators can easily send out agenda items and board updates to all board members in one click.

Get efficient information delivery that fosters collaboration.

“I love the agenda templates!"

“Aprio’s board portal is extremely easy and straightforward to use. I love the new enhancements including agenda templates, approvals and signatures!”

Charline McKissick

Chief Human Resources Officer Canadian Scholarship Trust

Create better board meeting agendas with Aprio's Meeting Agenda Software

Create well-structured agendas to run more productive board meetings. See how our user-friendly and time-saving Agenda Builder can benefit your board.

Agenda Builder Questions

You can create a board meeting agenda using Aprio’s Agenda Builder in a few ways. You can create a template from scratch, including adding in topics, with optional time allocations and presenters. You can customize your agenda items in the desired order and also add links and upload documents. You can also start from an existing agenda, or upload a file directory to save more time on creating your meeting agenda.

Once your agenda is completed, save and publish the agenda and email it to board members to access in the board portal. They can view, comment, and collaborate on the agenda items before the meeting. Updates can be made at any time, ensuring everyone has the latest version.

Yes, Aprio’s Agenda Builder allows you to customize your agenda by adding topics or sub-topics, documents and links. You can also assign different user access permissions to view or download a document.

Absolutely! Aprio’s Agenda Builder offers the flexibility to create recurring meeting templates that automatically populate agenda items. Start with the template but customize it as you need to for each meeting.

Aprio’s Agenda Builder allows you to allocate specific time slots to agenda items and assign presenters. Agendas that include assigned presenters and time slots can help your board stay on schedule.

The Agenda Builder is compatible with all file types, allowing you to upload documents in any format within the agenda. This saves board administrators time from having to PDF each document before uploading and ensures easy access to board materials for all board members.
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