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The difference between non-profit board & staff roles| Aprio
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The roles of staff vs the board in a non-profit organization

When volunteer directors of smaller non-profits want to get involved in the association, they may also volunteer to serve on the board. And so, what happens is the board of the non-profit quickly becomes a “working board.” Very quickly, the President, VP, Chair, or Vice-Chair could wind up doing all the work as both staff and board members.  This may be fine for small organizations without a lot to do, but as
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board portal protection - see our audit of Aprio

Cybersecurity and board portal protection: an audit for IT

Not all board portal software provides equal data protection. When assessing board management systems, it’s essential to scrutinize data security carefully. To help, learn the importance of board portal protection and review an audit of Aprio’s security.
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Specialized board evaluation tools like Aprio can help you in every step of the board evaluation process and gain actionable insights into board performance.
Board Best Practices

Unlock board excellence with efficient and secure board evaluation tools

Board evaluations are not just about compliance or routine checks, they empower boards to be more effective and engaged while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. See how board evaluation tools like Aprio can efficiently and securely assess your board’s performance.
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Board Best Practices

Board meeting voting protocol: everything directors need to know

The voting procedures of board directors determine how they make decisions. A board of directors makes vital decisions that will affect the organization’s future. Therefore, board voting procedures must be accurate, efficient, transparent, and secure so that these decisions can be trusted. The voting process for decisions begins when a board member makes a motion. A motion is simply a statement of a proposed action. Making and approving a motion involves various steps,
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