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Board portal software for a better run board

Eliminate paper, simplify collaboration, and centralize important information in one secure place. Aprio’s board portal software makes running efficient board meetings as easy as it gets.

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Aprio board portal credit union testimonial

“User friendliness and training are outstanding with Aprio.”

“I couldn’t find any other platform that offers that caliber of ease of use plus tailored training and ongoing support from their team. We’ve quickly adopted the core features of Aprio and gained efficiency and we see room to grow.”

Anna Bertacchi
United Nation Federal Credit Union

Aprio's board portal software makes it easy to streamline board meeting…

Board portal software for effortless board meeting preparation

Quickly prep board packages with Aprio board portal software

Build paperless board packages in minutes instead of hours

Add new topics and sub-topics to your board package in just a few clicks. Drag & drop board documents in any format, define durations and permissions per topic – the possibilities are endless.

Features that make it possible:
  • Use agenda templates or recurring meetings to speed up creation of board books
  • Work on the agenda in Draft mode until you’re ready to share it
  • Define granular permissions (signature, vote, viewing) at any level
Board of directors can annotate board materials with ease in Aprio's board portal software.

Annotate board materials with ease

Aprio gives board members all the board management tools they need to effectively review board materials. Make notes for yourself or share with team members to spark engaging discussions.

Features that make it possible:
  • Over 10 different markup tools to choose from
  • Keep annotations private or share them as you like
  • Annotations are kept in sync across all your devices

Board portal software to run more productive board meetings

Aprio's board meeting minutes builder streamlines meeting minutes workflow. Learn more about Aprio's board portal software.

Streamline your meeting minutes workflow

No need to switch between different software, you can do it all in Aprio’s board management software. Record minutes as the meeting unfolds, track motions and action items, assign an approver or a coauthor, our Minutes builder helps you get your job done faster than ever.

Features that make it possible:
  • Use your agenda to get started, add new sections
  • Add a coauthor to assist with completing the minutes
  • Export minutes as a PDF to be uploaded anytime
join virtual board meetings in one click with Aprio board portal software

Join virtual board meetings with ease

Remote board meetings are the new norm and Aprio’s board portal software ensures your board meetings will remain productive and engaging despite the distance. No need to fumble to find the meeting details or switch to a specific videoconferencing solution; we support them all.

Features that make it possible:
  • One-click access to remote meetings from the dashboard
  • Support for all main solutions (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.)
  • Presenter mode ensures all attendees are following along the same agenda

Board portal software to simplify board activity beyond the boardroom

Gather board input securely with Surveys with Aprio's board portal software

Collect feedback securely

Whether you are looking to encourage accountability and improve performance through board evaluations or aim to conduct a simple vote before making an important decision, setting up a Survey in Aprio is as simple as you can imagine.

Features that make it possible:
  • Keep surveys anonymous or define who can review/respond
  • Track progress in real time and send reminders when needed
  • Analyze responses in aggregate or on an individual level
Engage with board members, sign documents all in Aprio's board portal software.

Engage with your boards at will

Whether you want to review the agendas for your upcoming meetings, annotate documents, or sign a resolution, you can do it all from the device in your pocket. Aprio allows you to get one unified view across all the boards you are part of.

Features that make it possible:
  • Discuss with one or multiple colleagues using the Comments feature
  • Notifications keeps you informed whenever your action is required
  • Offline access ensures you can work in any situation

Board portal software to track & report key board information

Task Manager ensures your board is on top of action items. Only in Aprio's board portal software.

Stay on top of your action items

The work before and after a board meeting is often as important as the meeting itself. That’s why we built our Task Manager feature to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Features that make it possible:
  • Tasks created using the Minutes Builder are automatically assigned to the meeting
  • Set priority level and track completion from your dashboard
  • One-click shortcut to import tasks into your calendar
Make data informed decisions and increase board intelligence with Aprio's board portal software.

Make data-informed decisions

When paired with qualitative feedback from surveys, quantitative data can often help you uncover patterns leading to improved board performance and corporate governance. Our Reporting tools give you access to the right information, whenever you need it.

Features that make it possible:
  • Track attendance and activity at the group or contact level
  • Review access logs to monitor unusual activity
  • Generate expense reports and assign reviewers

Board portal software to keep everything secure

Choose where your data is stored. Aprio's board portal software has industry-leading security.

Choose where your data is stored

Your data security is fundamental to our business. Choose to securely store your data anywhere in the world. All of our servers adhere to independent, third-party requirements for security certifications.

Features that make this possible:
Mitigate the risks of breach or loss of data with Aprio's board portal software layers of security.

Mitigate the risks of breach or data loss

Protect information with total control over document management access. Admins can grant temporary access to auditors or legal counsel, as well as enforce which documents cannot be downloaded or printed. Aprio’s board portal software also equips you to remotely wipe board data from any lost or stolen devices.

Features that make this possible:
  • Admin-controlled privacy permission settings
  • Login authentication
  • Remote purge for lost or stolen devices

Save big without sacrificing features, security, or support.

With Aprio’s board portal software no one is stuck with the “lite” edition, we give you…

  • Affordable per-user pricing with premium features for all
  • Unlimited committees at no extra cost
  • Unlimited ongoing training
  • Uncompromising security you can rely on

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No other board portal software works harder to keep things simple.

Aprio’s support team is committed to helping you get the most out of your new board portal software.

Aprio's board portal software offers done for you set up - easy configuration and onboarding.
Seamless Onboarding
You’ll work directly with experienced board portal administrators to set up your board meeting software.
Aprio's board portal software offers practical training that's unlimited and ongoing.
Practical Training
Unlimited one-on-one, group, and training available for admins and board of directors any time.
Aprio's board portal software offers unmatched expert service from former admins who deeply understand the needs and pressures of board meeting management and prep.
24/7/365 Support
When you need a hand, you’ll get expert support from real people who care, any time, any day.

Less paper. More security. Better board meetings.
See how easy good governance can be.

Get a customized tour of Aprio's board portal software and preview
all the features that will make your next board meeting stress-free.

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Explore how Aprio board portal software helps boards just like yours.

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