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Software for Board Meetings

No more fumbling around looking for your video conferencing meeting – join directly from Aprio. Use Zoom, Teams, Google Meeting, or whatever video conference tool your board is already familiar with.

Convenient and secure virtual board meetings with easy integrations

For many boards, remote board meetings are here to stay. Keep everyone connected and on the same page, regardless of location or time zone, with our virtual board meeting integrations.

Save time and join your virtual board meeting in one click

Spend less time searching through emails and more time collaborating on important decisions. Aprio is designed to make remote board meetings a breeze, saving time and hassle.

See a demo of Aprio’s Board Virtual Meeting Integration

Ready to see Aprio in action? Connect with one of our product specialists to get a personalized tour today.

Supports all virtual board meetings, not just Zoom or Teams

Virtual Board meeting integration we support every webinar platform

Whether you use Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google Meet or another tool, we support them all.

It’s easy to add any video conferencing to your meetings, where board members can join in just one click. We make it easy to use the webinar software your board is already used to.

See Aprio’s video conference integrations in action

See Aprio’s virtual board meeting integration in action and find out how easy remote board meetings can be. Get a tour with one of our product specialists.

FAQs on Aprio’s virtual board meeting software

Absolutely! Easily add Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting or any other video conferencing to your meetings – we support them all. We make it easy for board members to join in just one click right from Aprio. We make it easy to use the webinar software your board members are familiar with.
Aprio streamlines online board meeting access with one-click access from any device. Presenter mode ensures all attendees are following the same agenda.
The security of your board information including your meeting details is our top priority. We use robust security measures including data encryption to safeguard your data. Role-based access control ensures that only authorized board members can participate in meetings, giving you a secure and confidential environment to conduct your virtual board meetings.
Yes, Aprio’s virtual board meeting integration provides mobile apps for all devices, allowing board members to join meetings on their smartphones and tablets. Our mobile apps ensure board members with busy schedules can attend meetings from anywhere, making it convenient and efficient for busy professionals.
Absolutely! You can set up recurring meetings in Aprio, eliminating the need to schedule each session manually.
Board members can access all relevant board documents, agendas, and minutes within the platform. We find many board members use two devices when attending a virtual board meeting – one device, such as their desktop computer, to follow along with the presenter and agenda; and another device, such as a tablet, to review any meeting materials. Aprio fosters effective discussions and collaboration by allowing board meeting participants to share updates, comments, and annotations during your remote or in-person meetings.
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