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A board portal designed for government organizations.

Government and crown corporations face unique challenges –  including enhanced scrutiny when using public funds, and trying to balance public policy with achieving commercial objectives. Aprio helps government boards serve the public interest and maintain good governance with effective, secure and transparent board management.

Aprio proudly serves government associations everywhere.

"Aprio facilitates and expedites the sharing and amendment of information. It eliminates the need to print binders for directors, saving time and money for the corporate secretariat. Changes to documents can be posted and communicated quickly and efficiently. Aprio is a great system that is very user friendly and easy to explain and learn."

Aprio’s premium features empower board management for governments.


Efficiently run board meetings with Aprio board portal software

More productive boards.

Aprio helps government and crown corporation boards be more productive by streamlining meeting preparation, collaboration and decision-making beyond the boardroom.

Features that make this possible:
  • Build board packages in minutes instead of days
  • Automate meeting agenda creation with templates and recurring events
  • Reach decisions quickly with online voting, signature tracking and surveys
  • Boost communication and collaboration with secure messages, notes and annotations
One-stop access to current info with Aprio board portal software

Increase board transparency.

Get the transparency required to effectively manage a board that’s held accountable with public funding. Aprio helps deliver transparent board operations and ensures internal board communications are fair and accessible.

Features that make this possible:
  • Centralized, one-stop access to all board materials, accessible even offline
  • Valid online voting for transparent and equitable decision making
  • Accurate archive and audit trail of meeting minutes, motions and board evaluations

Safeguard sensitive information.

Aprio’s board portal software and our people are dedicated to keeping government board information confidential, secure and encrypted while accessing board materials from any devices.

Features that make this possible:
  • Choose your data storage location – Canada, the US or international.
  • Servers adhere to independent, third-party requirements for security certifications.
  • Admin-controlled access permissions
  • Remote data wiping for lost or stolen devices

Remote governance made simple.

Aprio’s board management solutions help financial boards govern remotely during these challenging times, by encouraging ongoing collaboration and staying connected virtually – from anywhere.

Virtual meeting integration
eSignatures & Surveys
Notes & Annotations
Secure messenger
Multiple devices
24/7 support
Online & offline availability

Government expertise & insights.

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Transparent board communications. More productive boards.
Discover Aprio’s board portal for governments.

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