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Aprio vs govenda
September 28, 2022
Dee Sicklesteel

Board portal comparison – Aprio vs Govenda

Considering Aprio or Govenda for managing your board? Here are some key differences to consider. 

What makes Aprio superior to Govenda?

Previously known as BoardBookit, Govenda is a cloud-based board success platform designed to help boards meet stakeholder governance. Like Aprio, Govenda assists boards with organizing meetings, preparing meeting materials, engaging directors, and keeping them informed. There are, however, some notable differences between the two that you should consider as you decide which to buy.


Aprio Govenda
Robust feature set

Aprio offers a complete set of features, including ongoing training and support, mobile and desktop editions, collaboration tools, task management, and much more. Aprio’s feature set is far more comprehensive than Govenda’s.

Yes No
Complete reporting & customizable branding

Aprio provides nine standard reports to track board activity, attendance, login behaviour, groups, and audit reporting. Branding makes reports fully customizable.

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Task management tools

Aprio allows users to assign and complete tasks while monitoring work in progress. Tasks can be prioritized and automatically assigned to meetings. Import tasks to your calendar for easy management.

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Easy-to-use interface

Aprio’s user-friendly interface is straightforward without the potential to confuse or annoy users. Invisible updates that don’t require forced app updates, new training, or interruptions to your work.

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Industry-leading security

In addition to offering the strongest encryption, Aprio offers backups and certifications from third-party security audits, ensuring top security of your network and data.

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24/7 customer service

In addition to a very user-friendly platform, the 24/7 support offered by Aprio provides responsive, expert help from former board administrators who know firsthand the stresses and urgencies of board meeting management and communication.

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Virtual meeting readiness

Easily add Zoom, Webex, or GoToMeeting video conferencing to your meetings, which board members can join in just one click.

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Worth the switch? Worth the choice?

Aprio stands out in the industry for providing unmatched expert service and an easy-to-use, secure board portal that works the way a board really works. In addition to a seamless onboarding experience, the Aprio board management system provides unlimited on-demand training. Task management, customizable branding, and collaboration tools round out this feature set.

With the best customer loyalty, service satisfaction in the industry, and top-level industry-standard security, we have you covered no matter what. We work hard to win your trust and keep it.

See the difference

Evaluating board management software and making the switch can happen in just a few weeks. We’re happy to help assess your needs and the fit with Aprio. We help many customers like you daily to lighten the work of getting ready for meetings by providing expert support and technology to directors. Let’s talk – start by requesting a demo.

Want to simplify board meetings?

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