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comparing Aprio board portal to BoardEffect
October 11, 2022
Dee Sicklesteel

Board portal comparison – Aprio vs. BoardEffect

Not sure if Aprio or BoardEffect is the better choice for managing your board?  Here are some key differences to consider when evaluating these two board portals.

What makes Aprio superior to BoardEffect?

BoardEffect was acquired by Diligent in 2016 and is no stranger to delivering effective board portal software. Aprio and BoardEffect both deliver board portals that enable boards to organize meetings, secure board packet distribution efficiently, engages directors and keeps them up to date. However, there are some standout differences to consider.


Aprio BoardEffect
Easy-to-use interface and navigation

Aprio’s user-friendly and straightforward navigation system reduces user confusion and annoyance. Files, links, and everything else board members need are easy to find with Aprio’s intuitive navigation!

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Industry-leading security

Aprio offers the most robust encryption for complete security, with certifications from independent, third-party security auditors – and includes two-factor authentication.

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Agenda management

Aprio gives you all the tools to effectively create and manage meeting agendas and make notes for yourself. Speed up board package creation using agenda templates and recurring meetings.

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User management

Customize access to Aprio’s board portal features to suit your needs and provide layers of advanced security. Administrators can grant auditors and legal counsel temporary access.

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24/7 technical support

While both BoardEffect and Aprio offer 24/7 technical support, Aprio offers responsive expert service from experienced board administrators who deeply understand the needs of boards.

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Worth the switch? Worth the choice?

Aprio stands out in the industry for providing unmatched expert service and an easy-to-use, secure board portal that works the way a board works. In addition to a seamless onboarding experience, the Aprio board management system provides unlimited on-demand training.

We have you covered no matter what. We offer the best customer loyalty and service satisfaction in the industry and top-level industry-standard security. We work hard to win your trust and keep it.

Keep your board meetings running smoothly and securely

Evaluating board management software and making the switch in a few weeks is possible! We help many customers like you daily to lighten the work of getting ready for meetings by providing expert support and technology to directors.

We’re happy to help assess your needs and the fit with Aprio. Take the first step – request a demo.

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