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Board assessments & surveys to uncover actionable insights

Continuously improve board performance and governance practices with Aprio. From simple polls and annual evaluations to comprehensive assessments, Aprio empowers you to gather valuable insights to strengthen your board’s decision-making and overall performance.

Supporting good governance with board surveys & assessments

Board surveys and assessments make it easier to engage directors

Effective governance hinges on informed decisions and transparency.

Aprio’s board surveys and assessments enable your board to collect real-time, honest feedback from board members and executives, including the option for anonymous responses. Annual assessments provide benchmarking opportunities to support ongoing improvements.

Customizable board survey questions, board assessments & polls

Aprio makes it easy to create and customize surveys and polls for your board’s needs. Create short polls to long surveys, share them with board members and analyze the data – fast.
Aprio board surveys can be used for board evaluations

See a demo of Aprio’s Board Surveys & Assessments

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Secure board surveys and assessments for honest feedback

From CEO evaluations to peer assessments, rely on Aprio’s advanced security to keep survey data safe and in the right hands. Boost board engagement with secure surveys, polls and assessments to encourage candid feedback.

Actionable insights for enhanced
board performance

Transform your board’s performance through insights with Aprio. Get a personalized demo and strengthen the performance of your board.

FAQs about Aprio’s board surveys & polls

Board surveys and assessments promote effective governance by gathering real-time, honest feedback from board members and executives. This transparency enables informed decision-making, identification of improvement areas, and strengthening of governance practices.
Aprio offers customizable surveys, assessments and polls, tailored to your board’s needs. Create surveys of varying lengths, including short or extensive options, CEO evaluations, and board assessments. Enjoy flexibility with diverse question types for comprehensive insights.
Certainly! Aprio’s board surveys & assessments are customizable to your organization’s needs including the ability to choose to make the responses anonymous or known. Create private surveys, or share the results as you need.
With Aprio, you can collect feedback anonymously, ensuring respondent identity protection. Private surveys and assessments, along with controlled summary report access can also help maintain confidentiality.
Aprio’s user-friendly and customizable survey software sets it apart. Easy to create, the ability to clone a past survey or to customize who can edit the survey helps board administrations save significant effort.
Absolutely! Aprio offers easy cloning and editing of existing surveys for fast, valuable feedback collection from board members.
Easily generate and export visual reports and analytics through Aprio’s user-friendly interface. Access the data you need and let Aprio present it clearly and appealingly.
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