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Comparing the Aprio board portal with SharePoint

If your company already uses SharePoint,  should you use it to manage your board? 

Using SharePoint for board management is a bit like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. You might get it to work ok to host your board documents, but for everything else board-related, it’s not very efficient and can be difficult to use. 

While it’s an excellent option for securely storing your documents,  you may want to consider better tools for the complex work boards are doing. (And one that results in less board frustration and consumes valuable staff time trying to locate where a file is located).

Let’s take a deeper look into how SharePoint shapes up as a board management tool and how it directly compares to Aprio’s board portal

Why do some boards use SharePoint? 

At its core, SharePoint offers unlimited and secure document storage on a single portal. It allows organizations to organize, share, and store files across teams with solid security.

SharePoint is designed to work with Microsoft products. Since almost everyone uses Microsoft products, it can be an attractive option instead of learning new software for board management. 

Teams working in the weeds every day have a knack for remembering folder names, labeling conventions, and simply asking another employee, “Where do I find x?” But that is not what a board director does every day.

Board members are often volunteers with other full-time jobs; they don’t have time to search through endless folders for files they may not know the names of. This is just one of the challenges of using SharePoint for board management.

Comparing Aprio’s board portal with SharePoint

Solutions that don’t do what you need them to do or have features you don’t need won’t help you in the long run. Increasingly boards are shifting to purpose-built board portal software that’s cloud-based to best engage directors and reduce the administrative burden on teams. 

Benefits Aprio SharePoint
Central information hub

SharePoint and Aprio work well as storage areas for important information/documents. Still, Aprio understands directors need information promptly, so searches and navigation are easy.

Yes Yes
Purpose-built platform

Features, training, and support for both the desktop and mobile editions of Aprio are geared toward everyday board activities.

Yes No
Easy to learn and use 

Aprio eliminates the need to search endless folders for a particular document. All your files can be easily created, found, searched, and edited through your dashboard.  

Yes No
Exceptional support

Are you having trouble logging in? Need to set up a new user? Don’t worry. Our support team is always available for help and support your needs. 

Yes No
Information security

The Aprio app provides multiple layers of security so you and your fellow directors can conduct your business with peace of mind.

Yes Yes
Tools designed for directors

Enjoy tools explicitly built for board management by directors and administrators, like annotation, agenda and minutes building, and voting

Yes No
Complete reporting

Aprio provides nine standard reports to track board activity, attendance, login behavior, groups, and audit reporting.

Yes No

Get the downloadable guide: Compare the Aprio board portal to SharePoint.

Why SharePoint might not be the best solution 

SharePoint was designed to be used by business and personal users. In its effort to perform numerous functions for multiple types of businesses and industries, SharePoint falls short of users’ expectations in many respects. 

  • Difficult to set up and maintain.  Setup and maintenance of SharePoint can be difficult and time-consuming. Many users have trouble using the program without extensive training.
  • Complex to use. Many people have had SharePoint for a while but still cannot figure out how to use it. Regardless of how many fancy features SharePoint has, many people lack the skills to use them, so they’re left with many features they may never use. 
  • Not the right fit for the price.  You may not find everything you’re looking for in the free version. Users have expressed confusion over some parts, and when they decide what they want, the price rises so high that they may not be able to afford it.
  • Inconsistent product updates. It is nearly always necessary to update software solutions periodically to ensure they are virus-free and working correctly. However, Microsoft hasn’t been consistent with its product updates. 

Boards don’t have time to waste trying to use software that “sort of” suits their needs. They need solutions that help support the way they work and are tailored to their needs. 

Unlike SharePoint, when directors log in to a board portal like Aprio they are greeted with a dashboard like a mission control center with access to meeting dates, contacts, minutes, and the next meeting agenda directly reflecting their role on the board.  In a nutshell, Aprio’s board portal works like directors think and helps them perform their roles efficiently. 

Why switch from SharePoint to Aprio?

Many organizations using SharePoint to manage secure files internally find the SharePoint environment is suitable for their internal organization but not for their board. Here are the most common reasons previous SharePoint customers make the switch to Aprio board portal software:

1. Secure board communications.

Boards face stringent confidentiality requirements. They needed certainty of data protection and storage. Aprio offers data security and a secure communications tool designed to work seamlessly with the board portal to keep board directors connected without worrying about their information security. 

2. Easy access for directors.

Using SharePoint led has been known to lead to access issues for board members, especially external members. Whether they forgot their password or were able to find documents. IT support has even been required to assist directors and executives with logging into SharePoint.  

Aprio’s board portal saves directors a significant amount of time by allowing them to create online board books in a fraction of the time. Directors enjoy accessing the software on any of their own devices. They can annotate materials from board meetings to help keep up with their busy schedules. 

Updates and changes can be added at the last minute so that their peers always have the latest information available to them. And with the single sign-on, directors familiar with their Google or Microsoft credentials can use those and not bother remembering another password.

3. Better prepared directors.

Through SharePoint, many boards have noticed directors not seeing the board package in advance, mainly due to access issues. This meant unprepared directors, especially with large board packages.

With Aprio, directors found they can easily access information and move back and forth between board meeting materials, committee documents, and so on. It was easy for board members to prepare for meetings and engage in informed strategic decisions. 

Aprio also features a built-in survey feature for directors to conduct annual evaluations. Directors can easily save the surveys and results on the platform to prepare for the year’s review. Aprio’s minute system automates much of the work of keeping meeting minutes at the end of board meetings, and boards can use the minutes feature to set up post-meeting tasks and reminders for follow-up.

4. Smooth user adoption.

Aprio’s programs are intuitive and easy to use, unlike SharePoint, which requires extensive training. The best part is that board members don’t have to set up any of these programs and features themselves. New users can use all of Aprio’s software and portal features in record time and require little training while receiving unmatched levels of support whenever needed.

Directors accustomed to modern technology found it easy to use immediately. And less tech-savvy board members appreciated the continuous access to Aprio support. 

“We have noticed less confusion among directors as they prepare for our board meetings with our board portal. I received emails from frustrated board members because logging in was difficult. There was no easy way to reset their password if they lost it. Or if logging in was possible, finding things wasn’t always obvious. Aprio makes it easier. The information is organized like a board runs, and if your password is forgotten, you can instantly request a reset from Aprio.”

Board administrators also see benefits in making the switch from SharePoint – view the case study.

Curious how Aprio empowers boards while delivering ROI? 

Get more than just centralized file storage with Aprio. With board software that delivers all the features you need to run an efficient board and outstanding service from the Aprio support team, we help take the stress out of board management. 

Ready to take back the time your board admins and members are wasting on a tool that doesn’t quite fit how your board works? Get a custom tour on how Aprio works and how it can help deliver more value for your board by booking a demo

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