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Aprio enables organizations to distribute board materials effortlessly, run more productive meetings, and take the decision-making outside the boardroom. Backed by the friendliest support in the business, our easy-to-use board portal software centralizes all your information and discussions in one place so you can focus on what matters.

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Why do thousands of admins and board members love
using Aprio’s board management portal?

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Easy to Use
Keep things simple and stay efficient with a tool that won’t take months to master, and hands-on help from day one.
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Best Value
Competitive per-user pricing that gives you instant access to premium board management portal features.
personal support 24/7 for a board portal
Personal Support
Our team is there to provide training, support, and tech help 24/7. And we get to know you by name.
a board portal gives you security
Total Security
Layers of advanced security give you the power to control access, guarantee compliance, and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices.

“Makes the office more efficient and organized.”

“Aprio is a library for all of our important documents. The board always has access to what they need. It’s confidential, easy to navigate, and eliminates hard copies. Love it!”

Rose Gioia
Community First Credit Union

Aprio is the one tool you need for easy,
effortless board meetings.

board members discussing buying a board portal

Take the stress out of board meeting prep.

Board management portal software makes preparation painless and save on paper by uploading board packages, swapping in new documents, and scheduling board meetings with the click of a button.

board members discussing buying a board portal
board members smiling and discussing buying a board portal

Securely collaborate from anywhere in the world.

One centralized board of directors portal for meeting minutes, schedules, and documents keeps every board member on-track and on-agenda, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

board members smiling and discussing buying a board portal
board members meeting and buying a board portal

Make board communication more efficient.

Eliminate the busywork of board management with the ability to digitally keep and distribute minutes, monitor attendance, track expenses, or call for votes & signatures without wasting paper or the board members’ time.

board members meeting and buying a board portal

Customer support is what separates
us from our competitors.

With Aprio, you’re never “just another client.”

From day one, we’re here to help you set up your board meeting software, import existing data, and ensure your board portal is perfectly configured.

And when you call, you’ll talk to a real person who cares—24/7, 365 days a year.

christie scobie endorsing a board portal

“I cannot believe how supportive the team at Aprio is.”

“I have never received this quality of service from any other supplier. Aprio provides the most professional and efficient service—and they really do want to hear from their customers what we want to see.”

Christie Scobie
Tandia Financial Credit Union

Spending too much time preparing for board meetings?
Aprio makes it easy.

Take a personalized tour of Aprio board portal software – the best way to keep
documents secure, eliminate paper, and reduce meeting prep to minutes.

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Board portal questions

Why consider a board portal?

A board portal is purpose-built to make board meeting preparation efficient and secure both for board administrators and members of the board of directors. Organizations that implement board portal software report gaining more time savings in meeting set up, board communication and managing the board calendar than organizations using file sharing sites including SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox. Also, board materials are kept more secure including distributing board materials without the security risk of email.

How can you compare and evaluate board software?

There are several board portal products on the market to help to run your board more efficiently. Some are lite products limited in features, some are full-featured like Aprio, but all are a bit unique in how simple they are to use, their security and the service offered by the company. Key criteria to assess – Efficient board meeting management, convenient director access, data protection, ease of getting started or switching from another portal, reputation and service, affordability, best overall fit. This Buyer’s Guide may help you compare.

Why switch from one board software product to another?

Common reasons to re-evaluate the board portal used by a board of directors include concern about value – are the features needed fairly priced? As well as concerns about service: Is there both timely, helpful support for board administrators and directors and can we influence product development? There should be evidence that you can contribute input and have your board’s evolving needs considered by the board management portal provider.

How does Aprio stand out from other board of directors portal software?
  • Ease of use – Compared to other board tools, Aprio is a breeze to learn for both board administrators or board liaisons and for directors.
  • Simple to start or switch – Aprio support team are known for being set up saviors – we make it simple to migrate from other portals or in-house systems, or start from scratch with software.
  • Full features – With Aprio there are no “lite” versions of the product, all users have full features to work at max efficiency. Features we hear set us apart, include our automated agenda creator, administrator DIY tools to add or remove directors and committees, and reports to track board activity.
  • Security – Layers of advanced security and gives you the power to control access, guarantee compliance, and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices.
  • Superior Support – Not all support is as supportive as Aprio’s. We stand out for personalized, practical training for directors and administrators plus live 24/7 help when board members need it from people who are masters of the system and experienced board administrators themselves.
  • Best value – premium features for all without premium pricing.
How does the Aprio board portal ensure data security?

Aprio is delivered as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service. Layers of advanced security and gives you the power to control access, guarantee compliance, and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices. Despite the claims, not all board portal software offers the same data protection. When comparing SaaS board management portals, it’s worth evaluating data security very closely. Here’s an audit of our board portal for your IT team.

How does board management software pricing work? 

When evaluating board management portals, ensure that you ask if the pricing is for a lite product or a full featured product like Aprio. You’ll want to compare apples and apples. Also ask how many users are included in the cost, whether committees can privately share materials, and whether your cost includes training for directors. With Aprio, you get “all in” pricing right for your size of organization.

What service can you expect from Aprio board of directors software team?

Every time you call, chat or email Aprio you’ll talk to an experienced board administrator who cares. We stand out for personalized, practical training for directors and administrators plus live 24/7 help when board members need it from people who are masters of the system and experienced board administrators themselves.

Where can I see Aprio board portal reviews?

We are glad to introduce you to any of our customers for a personal conversation on what it’s like to use Aprio. Beyond that, many folks rave about us on Capterra reviews and if you are a credit union – look at CUES and NWCUA organizations for why they choose Aprio for their boards and members.

Anything else I need to know?

Our Aprio team cares more than any other board management portal provider about making boards run efficiently and making board administrators’ lives easier. We try harder, and we are always listening which is evident in our support and how our software evolves. If you would like to talk with any of our customers to hear what they say, let us introduce you. We welcome learning about your needs. We’re here to help – start with a demo.

Comparison shopping? Here are 10 things to consider
when evaluating board portal software.

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