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Board Voting Software to streamline decision-making & approvals

Empower your board to work more productively and make decisions faster, without sacrificing compliance. With Aprio, vote and obtain approvals from anywhere, with a complete audit trail of all board decisions.

Easy decision tracking with Aprio’s board voting software

online board voting software
Make it easy for board members to approve, disprove or abstain from a board vote, both in and outside your board meeting. With Aprio, you can easily create a board vote and review the results.

Sign documents and loans with e-signatures

Board members can securely sign important documents including loans right from Aprio. With e-signatures, send and sign contracts and documents digitally to help streamline board approvals.

Engage with board members, sign documents all in Aprio's board portal software.

See a demo of Aprio’s Approvals & Board Voting

Ready to see Aprio in action? Connect with one of our product specialists to get a personalized tour today.

Enable productive discussions with annotations

Effectively review board materials and spark engaging discussions with Aprio’s annotations. Make notes for yourself or share them with team members.

Get faster board voting & approvals with Aprio

Accelerate your board’s decision-making processes with help from Aprio. Get a personalized tour of our board voting, e-signatures and annotations capabilities.

FAQs about Aprio's Board Voting Software

Aprio’s Board Voting Software helps boards to make decisions faster and more efficiently while ensuring compliance. With Aprio, board members can vote and obtain approvals from anywhere, and every decision is recorded in a complete audit trail. This software simplifies the decision-making process and enhances productivity.

Aprio’s Board Voting Software allows board members to easily approve, disapprove, or abstain from board votes and can be used during a board meeting or outside of a meeting. You can seamlessly integrate board votes into meeting agendas, enable one-click voting, and quickly generate automated board reports with the voting results.

Yes, Aprio’s e-signature feature enables board members to securely sign important documents, including loans, directly within the platform. This eliminates the need for printing, scanning, or mailing documents for signatures, and maintains a complete audit trail for compliance purposes, making document approvals more efficient.

Aprio offers a comprehensive set of annotation tools that allow board members to effectively review board materials and engage in discussions. With over 10 different markup tools to choose from, you can make notes, highlight key points, and share annotations with team members. Annotations are also synchronized across all your devices for seamless collaboration.

To get started with Aprio,  simply reach out to our sales team to schedule a personalized tour. We’ll also learn more about your board and your needs and can an our features including board voting, e-signatures, and annotations. 

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