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5 things to look for as you evaluate board portal features.

Switching or choosing software can feel like heavy lifting. We analyzed Capterra reviews of board portal software by directors and administrators and identified the top things to look for. Here are 5 key factors to compare and facts on how Aprio stands out.

aprio board portal is easy to use

1. Ease of Use

As a provider of modern software we pride ourselves on ease of use. Compared to other board portal features, Aprio is a breeze to learn for both board administrators and for directors.

We survey our users annually for input on product enhancements and maintain an excellent score for simplicity and ease of use. Plus, we are set up saviors – making it simple to migrate from other portals or in-house systems.

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Efficiently run board meetings with Aprio board portal software

2. Overall Features

Aprio helps organizations large and small to efficiently run board meetings, keep directors up to date, and keep information secure.

Board portal features we hear set us apart, include our agenda creator, administrator DIY tools to add or remove directors and committees, and reports to track board activity. With Aprio there are no “lite” versions of the product, all users have full features to work at max efficiency. Learn more about Aprio features.

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3. Value

Aprio’s complete board portal features deliver premium features for all without premium pricing.

We provide the complete functionality needed to save costs and time for boards through faster meeting set up and director prep, accelerated board decisions, and improved board recruitment and succession management. Our pricing includes adding committees, ongoing training and our mobile apps.

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4. Support

Not all support is as supportive as Aprio’s. We stand out for personalized, practical training for directors and administrators plus live 24/7 help when board members need it from people who are masters of the system and experienced board administrators themselves. Just ask our customers how we make their days easier!

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5. Security

The Aprio board portal features provides layers of advanced security and gives you the power to control access, guarantee compliance, and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices.

Choose to store and protect your data on any of our international servers which each adhere to independent, third-party requirements for security certifications. View an IT audit of Aprio security.

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“More productive meetings and better attendance.”

“The biggest win with Aprio is how much we’ve improved pre-meeting engagement. We’ve also won back time and gained flexibility with our meeting prep. Our last packet took less than one hour to prepare.”

Amy Nelson
Point West Credit Union

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Evaluating board management software and making a switch can happen in just a few weeks. We are glad to help assess your needs and fit with Aprio. We help many customers like you every day, just say hello.

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Board portal feature comparison tools to guide you.

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