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Board portal apps are not just tools for efficiency, they support effective corporate governance

Boardroom in your pocket: Why more modern boards are using board portal apps

With an estimated 6.8 billion smartphones in the world, these devices continue to shape every aspect of our lives, from entertainment to shopping to business. For board of directors, mobile devices are an important way to stay connected and productive from anywhere.

While general mobile applications like Gmail, DropBox and WhatsApp may seem like good options to manage board communication, they are not purpose-built for how boards work (not to mention pose security risks). Consider if your board members may be spending too much time using different tools versus finding everything they need in one place.

Board portal apps like Aprio bridge the gap between the need for real-time communication and decision-making on-the-go, while securely accessing sensitive board information.

Read on to learn more about why boards use board portal apps, what board portal features should you look for and how Aprio compares.

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How board portal apps give boards a competitive advantage

Board portal applications are not just tools for efficiency, they support effective corporate governance. Board portal apps provide a centralized, secure platform for board members to access important documents, engage in critical discussions and participate in decision-making processes, no matter where they are. This real-time connectivity ensures that board members are always equipped with the latest information, enabling them to respond promptly and effectively to emerging issues and opportunities.

Advantages of board portal apps include:

  • Productivity on the go: By providing instant access to all board materials, secure communication and decision-making tools like voting, board portal apps help directors get more done in and outside of a board meeting.
  • Better communication among board directors: Integrated tools such as chat, annotations and polls allow directors to share insights, provide feedback and engage in meaningful dialogues before they enter the boardroom.
  • Faster, informed decision-making: By equipping directors with the most up-to-date bard materials, board members can make informed decisions faster, stay on top of key issues and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.
  • Secure document management: Advanced security features such as end-to-end encryption, secure login protocols and granular access controls ensure that sensitive documents and records remain protected.
  • Automate compliance tracking: Whether your board activities and decisions were made in the app or on your board portal on a desktop, easily track activity and archive records to automate your compliance reporting efforts.

More board directors are using board portal apps to stay connected and informed

What features do you need in a board portal app?

Not all board portal applications are created equal. When selecting a board portal app, it’s essential to consider features that enhance efficiency, security and collaboration – and not just consider the price tag. The ideal board portal app should be intuitive for your board directors to use and provide a secure one-stop platform for managing your board activities.

Here’s what to look for in a board portal app:

  • User-friendly interface: Look for an app with straightforward navigation and intuitive design so directors can efficiently use their time, regardless of how tech-savvy they are.
  • Advanced security: Consider board portal apps with robust measures such as end-to-end encryption, secure login protocols and regular security audits. These features ensure that sensitive information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access or cyber threats.
  • Communication and collaboration tools: Features like real-time chat, annotations, and polls help facilitate discussion and collaboration among board members. Look for solutions that make it simple for boards to exchange ideas, provide feedback and make collective decisions effectively.
  • Document management: Board portal apps should make it easy for boards to access and review board materials like board books, board meeting minutes and reports as well as allow directors to annotate, share and collaborate on documents directly within the app.
  • Offline access: Because boards need constant access to information, look for board apps that allow access to documents and materials offline. This is crucial for directors who may need to review documents in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.
  • Accessible on any device: Your board may use different mobile devices including tablets or smartphones. Consider a solution that offers apps for all devices so that all board members are empowered to use the board portal app.
  • Customizable access and permissions: Especially for diverse roles within a board, seek a board portal app that offers customizable access and permissions. This flexibility allows for tailored information dissemination, ensuring that boards and committees have access to the data relevant to their specific roles and responsibilities.

What’s included in Aprio’s board portal app?

Aprio’s board portal app stands out as an intuitive and secure platform that’s compatible with any device—be it Apple, Google, or Microsoft. We ensure the same user experience across browsers and our mobile applications – no matter what device is used by a board member.

With single sign-on and multifactor authentication via email or text, Aprio’s board portal app keeps your board data secure and protected.

On the day of a meeting, board directors can easily log in and join the meeting directly from the application. During meetings, directors can access board materials, vote and sign documents. Directors can also make annotations on board documents and choose to share or keep them private. Outside of board meetings, directors can securely chat and access board member contact information. Yes, they can do this all from a mobile app!

Aprio board portal app features screenshot demo

Aprio offers full transparency on activities completed on browsers or on our mobile apps. Run reports to see when users are logging in, what they are clicking on, what action they took on it, as well as how often they are logging in and more. Administrators can also get notified in real-time whenever a director signs or votes.

Aprio’s board portal app includes the following features:

  • Event calendar – join a virtual meeting
  • Secure storage of documents and files
  • Chat
  • Vote
  • Complete polls and surveys
  • Sign documents
  • See upcoming action items and task management
  • Annotations to markup board documents and collaborate
  • Automated audit trail of board decisions within the app
  • Board member contact information

Aprio’s board portal app is 100% confidential and secure

With Aprio, board members can confidently engage in their tasks and activities, assured that their communications and documents are safeguarded with the utmost security and discretion. Our board portal app offers industry-leading security and compliance, ensuring 100% confidentiality and security across all mobile platforms. From data security (storage and in transit) and granular access to board materials, we ensure your board materials are in the right hands.

Aprio’s strict access controls allow only authorized personnel to view or interact with board documents, from a mobile device or on a desktop. We also continuously update our security protocols and compliance measures to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities.

How does Aprio’s board portal app compare?

Aprio stands out in the industry for providing unmatched expert service and an easy-to-use, secure board portal that works the way a board works. We’ve built the new Aprio board portal app to be intuitive for board directors to use with all the features you need for a connected and productive board.

According to reviews from our customers, they appreciate Aprio’s ease of use, excellent customer support and the value it provides for money. Users note the app is very helpful for managing board documents with features like real-time access to information, saving on paper costs and seamless roll-out to directors.

Customers also note that Aprio’s app has an intuitive design and functionality, making it easy for board members to stay informed and engaged. Our responsive and supportive Aprio team is also commended for their professionalism and efficiency in assisting our customers.

“Everything we need to communicate with our board members is right at our fingertips. We can do everything on Aprio. Once you get into Aprio and start moving around you find the ease of use. The support team is available, helpful, friendly & open to suggestions for additional features.” – Executive Assistant

In addition to an intuitive board portal app, Aprio offers unlimited on-demand training and unmatched expert customer support you can rely on at any time. And yes that includes using our mobile apps! If you need help or have a question, you can rely on Aprio to get responsive, expert help from real people who care, any time, any day.

See Aprio’s board portal app in action

Aprio’s board portal app helps thousands of board members be more productive in and outside the boardroom. See how our board portal solution helps organizations large and small efficiently run board meetings, increase board engagement and safeguard sensitive information from desktop to mobile devices.

Whether you’re looking to make a switch in board meeting software or are considering using board software for the first time, we’re happy to help you assess the fit with Aprio and show you how our board app works! Get in touch with our sales team.

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