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Top board portal case studies for credit unions: 4 customer stories about Aprio

Aprio board portal software is the number one choice among North America’s credit unions and every year, we invite more credit unions to our community. In fact, credit unions are the largest community of customers that we serve and our CEO came to Aprio from Canada’s largest credit union.

While our easy-to-use technology is a big part of our successful relationship with credit unions, credit union loyalty is also earned by our standout service and commitment to good governance for all. 

Our credit union partners also tell us they chose Aprio’s board portal for credit unions because of our community-focused values and our specialized understanding of the unique governance needs of credit union boards. Plus the fact that we haven’t let impersonal automation supersede the value of helping our users personally with 24/7 support by phone and email and help with board portal setup.

Check out these four customer stories to see why credit unions choose Aprio, and how our board portal software serves as a vital governance tool for them.

Case study: United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU)

This case study with United Nations Federal Credit Union shares lessons from making the switch from extranet to evaluating board technology

When United Nations Federal Credit Union had outgrown its static board extranet, it sought board management technology to better support its global nine-member board. After evaluating six different board management technology vendors, Aprio stood out as providing ease of use, essential capabilities, and training and service to support a global team.

With easy access to centralized and searchable board information, 24/7 support, expense reporting, and automated tools for meeting prep and management, UNFCU’s board has become even more efficient and productive using Aprio board portal software.

“User friendliness and training are outstanding with Aprio. I couldn’t find any other platform that offers that caliber of ease of use plus tailored training and ongoing support from their team,” explains Anna Bertacchi, Assistant Vice President. “We’ve quickly adopted the core features of Aprio and gained efficiency. We see room to grow.”

The UNFCU board was deliberate in picking a board management platform simple enough for quick adoption with tools to assist now and potentially add on in the future. Read more to see why UNFCU made the switch from their extranet to Aprio.

Case study: FAIRWINDS Credit Union

case study credit union Aprio

When FAIRWINDS, Florida’s third-largest credit union, saw the need to move from manual printing, binding, and mailing out board materials, it needed a solution to keep its financial information safe and secure. While reviewing other board portal solutions, FAIRWINDS IT leader ultimately chose Aprio for the software’s security.

Now all board materials including financial and corporate documents, meeting minutes, and bylaws are stored securely in Aprio. Aprio’s customer service team was also important in supporting the use of the technology. When it came to training board members, many chose to do one-on-one sessions at home.

“Being able to do the training individually was really helpful as some of our board members move faster than others with technology,” explains Executive Administrator Deanna Newell. “We have three board members between 70 and 86 years old. The customer service team is really personable and really patient with our board members.”

Read more on how Aprio enabled the 7-member board to shift to paperless board meetings and how exceptional customer service helped make this transition easier.

Case study: Meridian Credit Union 

Meridian Credit Union branch

When Meridian, the largest credit union in Ontario, first chose Aprio more than a decade ago, they had goals of leaving behind their inefficient paper process, saving on postage costs, and ensuring their data was secure. But a lot can change in nine years, and as the credit union’s needs evolved, they decided it was time to reassess their board portal solution. 

Meridian now includes two subsidiaries, each of which have their own board. Board reporting requirements were growing as locating information was becoming increasingly challenging. PDF meeting documents were sometimes 500 pages long, making it difficult to search the entire document when questions came up. Different committee members had different privileges when it came to accessing information and administrators were having trouble making sure that the correct people had proper access. Meridian had outgrown their initial Aprio configuration.   

“We were very prepared to make a change in our board portal if the value was there – but it turned out that Aprio continues to be the best fit for our needs,” commented Kate MacLeod, Governance Specialist at Meridian. “All we needed was an evolution in how we were using it.”

Read more to find out how Meridian examined a variety of board portal software solutions, but ultimately chose Aprio for the second time. 

Case study: Your Neighbourhood Credit Union (YNCU) 

John Haines, the board chair at Your Neighbourhood Credit Union in Ontario, admits that at first he was skeptical about board portal software. When YNCU merged with another credit union that used Aprio, he saw it as an unnecessary cost.

The organization built an internal system to share board material, but security was a big red flag. Data wasn’t encrypted and was circulated in an unsafe manner. The risk of a data breach was high. The board knew they were at risk. “It was a huge reputational risk,” said John Haines. “If people find out that your information is being shared around, that’s significant.”

Read more to find out what changed John Haines’ mind about Aprio and how the board software became one of the YNCU board’s high-performance assets. 

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Credit unions choose Aprio to help run efficient meetings, foster collaboration and keep data safe. We can help your credit union board assess if Aprio is the right fit. Talk to us about your needs – we’re happy to help.

If you’d like a personalized tour of all the features that will make your credit union board more efficient, reach out to our sales team. We’d love to know more about your credit union board and governance needs.

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