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June 21, 2017
Dee Sicklesteel

Choosing board portal software: how Aprio offers the best value

Driven by a need for security and efficiency, boards are increasingly turning to portal software to manage their confidential documents, communicate transparently, and organize meetings.

Because the needs of boards aren’t particularly different from one another, most board portal software offers the same functions and services (according to Gartner’s Market Guide to Board Portals), albeit with different user interfaces. And while they may seem the same on the surface, there are big differences in customer service quality and overall price among board portal software offerings.

This leaves boards in the position of deciding which portal offers the best value.

Here’s a rundown of how Aprio offers better value than its competitors.

Aprio costs half as much. And we don’t charge extra for training.

Aprio software is priced 50% lower than its main competitors. It’s our mission to make good governance affordable for boards of any size, not just those from the Fortune 500 crowd.

Our software licensing price includes initial training for administrators and directors, and any ongoing training you may need. Your subscription includes 25 user licences – any number of which can be administrators — and unlimited committees at no extra cost. The annual fee gives you access to both desktop and mobile applications.

Other board portals take an à la carte approach to extra fees and services. Access to training and adding committees are generally both options, but they’ll cost you more money on top of what you’re already paying for the software itself.

Aprio’s board portal software offers all the same tools and features you need to better manage your boards: a library of current and past board materials, calendars, annotations, decision tracking, desktop and remote access, attendance reports, surveys, remuneration and expense tracking, and many more. There’s no reason to pay double for these same features if you don’t have to.

We’re always around to help you (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Board portal software is useless if you can’t use it properly. We know how frustrating it is to encounter unhelpful — or even rude — customer support representatives when under a time crunch while preparing for a board meeting.

Got a burning question at 11 p.m. and your board meeting is tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.? We’ve got friendly people on the other end of the phone or computer 24/7 to help you with advice or to walk you through a challenging task.

We also offer ongoing webinars and quarterly outreach. Providing you with prompt, accessible and exceptional service is our priority.

At the end of the day, we understand your needs.

We know that administrators and directors need access to technology that makes maintaining good governance straightforward and affordable. Board members and administrators are busy and hardworking, and we aim to support you with the best value software to run your meetings smoothly.

Financial institutions, crown corporations, non-profits and public companies choose Aprio board portal software because it helps them achieve transparent communication, make efficient decisions and run board meetings well — all for the best value in the industry.

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