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Board management systems help organizations of any size run a more productive and efficient board.

Optimize your board communications: 6 benefits of using Aprio’s board management system

Why are so many boards using board management systems like Aprio? Board management systems offer several benefits for boards seeking to optimize their governance processes and communications with fast and secure information sharing, improved accountability and transparency.

Read on to learn more about board management systems and 6 key benefits of using a solution like Aprio for your board of directors.

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What is a board management system?

A board management system is purpose-built software for boards that streamlines the entire process of organizing, conducting, and managing board meetings and board communication. At its core, it acts as a centralized information hub between boards of directors, executives, and administrators. This type of software goes beyond basic meeting scheduling, document sharing and collaboration tools and offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater specifically to the needs of board management and governance processes.

Board meeting software like Aprio can be used by diverse organizations such as corporations, government, healthcare and financial institutions and more, to run better board meetings, keep directors up to date, and keep company information secure.

Board management system benefit #1: Simplify meeting management and administration

Board management systems simplify many administrative and board meeting management tasks. Take agenda creation and distribution for example. In Aprio, you can create agendas in multiple ways: upload from a file directory, use a pre-saved template or start from scratch. Easily customize your agenda by adding topics or subtopics, adding presenters and timings, and uploading board documents to each section as you need.

Once your agenda is ready to send out the board, Aprio automatically populates an email in one click to securely share and store your board package. And if you need to update your agenda, it’s easy to remove a file, add a new one in its place and then share the latest version.

Board management systems like Aprio also help with recording and distributing meeting minutes. Our meeting minute builder saves board administrators significant time by starting with your agenda. Add new sections as you need, tack motions and action items and assign an approver or a coauthor. Plus, export your minutes as a PDF for easy distribution and add them as a quick link for the next meeting agenda.

Board management system benefit #2: Boost board members’ productivity and efficiency

Board management systems help organizations of any size run a more productive and efficient board. That’s because board members get more done between meetings through features such as chat, annotations and polls in software like Aprio.

Additionally, inviting directors to share their questions or comments in advance ensures everyone has their background questions answered. During meeting time, board members can focus on more strategic discussions and make faster decisions.

Additionally, the onboarding of new board members is much more efficient with the help of a board management system like Aprio. With a self-serve library of archived board reports, minutes and board books, new board members can get up to speed and be valuable contributors faster.

Board management system benefit #3: Enhance collaboration and communication

Board management software acts as a digital hub that makes it easier for board members to collaborate and communicate, all within one secure online environment. Whether it’s reviewing meeting agendas, giving feedback on reports, or working on important strategies, board members can access and collaborate on these materials in real time. No need for sending emails back and forth and then having to search through a sprawling email thread to find what you’re looking for.

Board management systems also keep everyone up-to-date at the same time. Whether there are last-minute additions to the agenda or urgent company news, board members get same-time updates no matter where they are, thanks to handy features like chat and news bulletins.

Board management systems enhance collaboration and communication of board members from anywhere

Board management system benefit #4: Secure and efficient document management

Board portal software like Aprio offers a centralized library where board members can access all board materials, including agendas, minutes, financial statements, and the next meeting’s board package. Not only does this prevent executives, board chairs or administrators from constantly having to re-share information with board members, but it also ensures better document security. Communicating via the board portal eliminates the risks of using email, which is insecure, or distributing paper packets, which can get lost.

Aprio also offers advanced layers of security to allow or prohibit specific users from accessing or downloading documents including the ability to set granular user permissions. It also offers version control, remote wiping and locking of devices and usage reports to review any irregular activity.

“Aprio has made our governance practices so much easier and more efficient. The efficiency of providing board information to our directors has improved immensely using Aprio.” – BlueShore Financial

Board management system benefit #5: Streamline board operations

Board management systems simplify many board-related tasks like coordinating schedules and board reporting, keeping board operations running smoothly and freeing up time for more important strategic activities.

Aprio’s board management tools make it easy to schedule meetings, send out calendar invites and track board member responses. It automatically tracks board members’ attendance and responses. Plus use polls to ask board members for the best meeting times to reduce the chance of scheduling conflicts.

When it comes to board reporting, board management systems like Aprio provide a direct ROI by making it easy to gather compliance and regulatory data. Aprio automatically archives meeting minutes, motions, and board evaluations as well as provides an accurate audit trail of key compliance actions and dates.

Board management system benefit #6: Stay organized and informed

Board members are busy people with a lot on the go – staying on top of important dates, tasks, and updates can be a real challenge. However, a board management system like Aprio can help directors stay organized.

Aprio makes it easy for board members to see their upcoming meetings, due action items and important news updates at a glance with a dashboard and calendar view upon logging in.

Aprio’s Board Task Manager also helps board members action board tasks. With Aprio, you can assign tasks to specific board members or committees with clear instructions and due dates, use notifications and reminders to ensure timely task completion and assign priority levels to keep board members focused on the top-priority items.

Aprio board portal features

Optimize your board performance with Aprio’s board management system

Ready to spend less time managing your board with more productive board meetings? See how Aprio can optimize your board operations while keeping board information secure and board members engaged.

We stand out in the industry for providing unmatched expert service and an easy-to-use, secure board management system that works the way a board works. In addition to a seamless fully guided onboarding experience, we offer unlimited on-demand training and ongoing expert customer support you can rely on at any time. If you need help or have a question, you can rely on Aprio to get responsive, expert help from real people who care, any time, any day.

“Aprio’s customer support and training team is excellent and responsive, which we consider are very important features of a good partner.” – College of Optometrists of Ontario

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