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Board portal comparison: Aprio vs DiliTrust
November 22, 2022
Dee Sicklesteel

Board portal comparison – Aprio vs. DiliTrust

Not sure if Aprio or DiliTrust is the better choice for managing your board?  Here are some key differences to consider when evaluating these two board portals.

What makes Aprio superior to DiliTrust?

DiliTrust is a board portal providing easy digital technology access anywhere and anytime to reduce paperwork for boards. Aprio and DiliTrust both deliver board portals that enable boards to organize meetings, disseminate information, engage directors and keep them updated on your organization’s activities. But there are notable differences to consider.


Aprio DiliTrust
24/7 Technical Support

While both offer 24/7 technical support, Aprio offers responsive expert service from experienced board administrators who deeply understand the needs of boards.

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Convenient Voting, Polling & Signing Tools

Aprio and DiliTrust users can prepare and disseminate critical information for board consensus through voting, polling, and signing tools. This simplifies board meetings and information management for faster decision-making.

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Industry-Leading Security

Aprio provides the most robust encryption for complete security, with third-party certifications and two-factor authentication. DiliTrust also offers excellent security features for its users.

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Sole Product Focus

Aprio’s product focuses solely on board portal management, whereas DiliTrust is split between its board portal, contracts, litigation, and documentation. Aprio gives you all the tools to manage your board without splitting resources between multiple products.

Yes No
Easy-to-use Interface and Navigation

With Aprio’s intuitive navigation, board members can easily find files, links, and everything else they need. While DiliTrust offers board portal access via PC or tablet, users have noted that Surface tablet features are lacking.

Yes No

Worth the switch? Worth the choice?

Aprio’s focus on security and training, support, and tech help 24/7 make this board portal the superior option. Instead of relying on a documentation library, work with a team that knows you by name.  

We offer the highest levels of customer loyalty and service satisfaction in the business, together with top-level industry-standard security. An unmatched level of service complements our stand-alone app, where our entire team is focused and not split between different products. Keeping your trust in us and our board portal is our priority.

Keep your board meetings running smoothly and securely

Board management software can be evaluated and switched in just a few weeks! We help many board admins, and directors like you ease the work of getting ready for meetings by providing them with expert support and technology. If you’d like to assess whether Aprio is a good fit for your needs, we’re happy to help. Get started by booking a demo.

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