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Aprio meets the unique security & compliance needs of health organizations.

Efficiency and security is top of mind for health organizations as they work to stay ahead of compliance and governance regulations, and run their boards in the most productive way possible.

“We knew there had to be technology to work smarter as a health agency. We chose Aprio
because it makes a director’s job easier than any other technology. Aprio’s desktop and tablet
editions build on what’s familiar to directors – easy to find agendas, latest versions of critical
documents, contacts and archives – everything they expect all well organized and absolutely

Health agency executive

Health expertise & insights.

How can health organizations, which are under intensifying regulations to protect data security, also ensure board information is easy to access for directors? In this interview with Island Health Board Liaison, Louise Carlow, we examine the impact…
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May 13, 2019
Karen Peacey
Health organizations with a focus on connecting patients, doctors and healthcare providers through digital records – are bringing the same thinking to their boards Across Canada, healthcare agencies are being established to bring transparency, accountability…
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December 5, 2016
Ian Warner
Healthcare associations and providers are particularly in the hot seat when evaluating board portal software, as they must apply extra scrutiny in assessing the information privacy and security of potential software partners. Consider that over…
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March 13, 2019
Ian Warner

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