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What’s it like to work at Aprio?

The more hiring we do at Aprio, the more often I get asked questions along the lines of: what’s it like to work here? How’s the culture? And what are the people like on the Aprio team?

I considered writing about my perspective on what makes Aprio a successful organization and a great place to work, but that would just be my take. Instead, I asked the team to share some of their own stories. 

Helping boards run better – our purpose

Being motivated by a company’s overall purpose is key to employee satisfaction and fulfillment. Aprio employees describe their work as truly “serving a need.” Every member of the team talks about how rewarding it is to help people run board meetings and manage board communication with more simplicity.

“I’ve been with Aprio for ten years, and love my job more today than ever. I’m grateful that I can bring efficiency to board administrators who are some of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met. To every organization that I talk with, I can genuinely say ‘our Aprio team cares about you, no one is just a customer to us.”

– Dee Sicklesteel, Sales Manager

Dee Sicklesteel

“Since Aprio got our start, I’ve helped to build and evolve our software to make good governance easy to manage for organizations of any size. We offer organizations the capabilities to easily schedule and run meetings and provide directors convenient access to board materials without a premium price tag. As a result, our board portal software has gained a loyal following with mid-sized businesses over the years all organizations we’re proud to serve.”

– Federico de Giuli, Vice President of Technology & CIO

Federico de Giuli

Customer-first focus 

“The happiness of our customers is largely how we measure success at Aprio, and we’re all about going above and beyond for them. It’s a motivation for everyone across the organization.” 

– Karen Peacey, Director of Customer Relations

Karen Peacey

“We work in a competitive market, and we know our customers have a choice out there. We cherish our reputation as the team that tries the hardest to solve customer problems. We continue to grow by offering the best customer support in the industry, with personalized one-on-one training sessions and 24/7 support.” 

– Kirstin Skinner, Customer Success Manager

Kirstin Skinner

Aprio’s support team are all experienced former board administrators, so they understand board needs and the need for professionalism when directors call. The team is also familiar with board best practices, and they guide Aprio customers through the set up process and beyond so that they get the most board efficiency. 

Teamwork and collaboration

Without exception, employees share that their favourite part of working at Aprio is, “the people I work with” or “the sense of team here at Aprio.” And the stories that the team share highlight how they have each others’ backs.

“Before an important sales presentation, I started having issues with my computer. Panicked, I called Kirstin on the support team. She drove an hour to come help me with my computer and helped with my presentation. It’s a really rare company where colleagues support each other like that, especially if it means working an extra long day.” 

– Hillary Kretz, Sales Development Representative 

Hillary Kretz

Right from the CEO down, Aprio encourages creative problem solving, and everyone pitches in. What’s more, everyone’s ideas are taken seriously. There are even all-staff meetings, where everyone is invited to attend or dial in to share updates about what they’re working on.

Flexible work environment 

Loving what you do is great, but it really helps to love how you get to do it. Aprio is a big believer in creating a flexible work environment. 

“One of my favourite things about working at Aprio is being allowed to telecommute. I live about an hour’s drive from our downtown Vancouver office. Skipping that drive shortens my day and goes a long ways towards sustainability. As a tree hugger, I appreciate less emissions.” 

– Dee Sicklesteel, Sales Manager

Dee Sicklesteel

“Flexibility. Great leadership. The ability to be creative and openness to new ideas. Those of my top picks of what makes Aprio a great place to work.”

– Hillary Kretz, Sales Development Representative

Hillary Kretz

And let me get the last word here…

“When you work with any of our fantastic team members at Aprio, you’re working with a group that really cares. Here, our employees are committed towards a larger purpose while they help each other and we have fun.” 

– Ian Warner, President & CEO

Ian Warner

Be part of the growing team

“Aprio is a growing company in a challenging market with ambitious plans and an interesting product.” 

– Ken Tolmie, CFO 

Ken Tolmie

Attracting great people is a critical way that Aprio continues to grow.

Do your peers comment on your “can do” attitude and good sense of humour? Think you could be inspired by our goal of bringing good governance to boards everywhere? Keep an eye out for career postings or introduce yourself!

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