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Health agency board portal – 4 questions to guide your assessment

Expectations for board-led health organizations are changing. Chairs, board administrators, and directors are under increasing pressure to ensure boards are managed efficiently and protect data confidentiality.

Health agencies are looking to board portal software to provide convenient access to board information while providing data security. A health board portal can help create efficient board meetings, keep directors up to date, and support health organizations with directors at different geographic locations.

How can you decide which health board portal is right for you? We’ve put together four questions you should be asking to help guide your assessment.

How will the board portal help your board run more efficiently?

Discuss the challenges you’ve identified including the time and cost to prepare board materials, mishaps with how current board updates are distributed, as well as evolving needs including how directors may need to access information and participate in meetings remotely while travelling. Ask how the portal can specifically address each of these concerns.

How can a health board portal deliver convenience to your board?

A health board portal offers one stop access to the most current information. It can ensure timely delivery of board materials and board dates, offering updates in real time via email instead of by mail or courier. The right board portal will also help you overcome email issues such as the sending of large files or lost emails. It opens real-time access to all necessary documents including policies, bylaws, and legislative documents.

Which board portal best supports board adoption of technology?

The best health board portal software for you will feel intuitive to use and come with assistance to ensure that it’s adopted. Seek out a technology that trains both board administrators and directors, no matter their level of computer skills. Look for strong, ongoing support to ensure board members can gain assistance, anytime, without adding to the work of the board administrator.

How is your board information kept confidential in a board portal?

A board portal needs to address the complexity of board communication, and the activities of those with access to information. You’ll want to be able to manage who has access to what information, how they are able to view or store it, as well as shutting down data access when devices are lost or stolen. Without a board portal, health boards may be putting confidential data at risk sending information on paper, via unsecured email or free file sharing tools. Communicating this way leaves generous room for a data breach.

Finding the right e-governance solution for your health board can be easy if you break your assessment down into simple steps. Adopting a board portal to help your health organization manage how your board runs can be tremendously valuable. Check out these case studies to see why.

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