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Case studies – why health authorities are adopting board portals

The movement in healthcare to apply technology to improve health delivery and reduce costs is raising questions at health authority and hospital boards about how technology can support board governance goals.

Increasingly, there is pressure on an industry not known for efficiency or transparency to embrace board portal technology to streamline board management, protect data security and provide effective information access.

Health board challenges to solve

Many board-led health organizations run highly manual board processes with the inherent challenges of couriered or mailed packages delivered too late, email swirl around board meeting dates, potential data risk of board material shared via email or with non-secure file sharing tools, and confusion at board meetings as directors search for materials or come unprepared.

Case studies of health organizations

Conversations with Aprio’s health agency customers have revealed the challenges of managing a health board using paper, email and limited staff.

Read about Island Health’s story in the case study here

Board management technology impact for health boards

Considering interviews with Aprio’s own experience serving health authority and hospital boards for more than a dozen years, we observe common benefits realized by health organizations when they adopt board portal technology.

Board portal technology equips health organizations to provide:

  • Instant updates to board members on meeting dates and information updates
  • A one-stop location for health boards of directors to access information
  • More productive meetings with agenda and linked documents
  • Security protection and confidentiality for board documents and any annotated notes shared in discussion
  • Decision tracking – digital signatures to key motions, instantly archived
  • Time saved on meeting set up and director communication.

Guidance to health boards considering a board portal

So what boils up from GCE interviews and our own when it comes to what to keep in mind when considering a switch to board portal software?

  • Choose a board portal that’s as simple to use as possible
  • Ensure you have buy-in from the board and CEO. Ideally have a director “champion” the move to a portal alongside the board administrator.  
  • Provide live training on accessing and utilizing the portal. Offer annual refresher training.
  • Have strong support in place to assist members when needed.

Serving these needs made Aprio’s board portal software a top choice of health organizations. The Aprio board of directors software helps health boards to efficiently run board meetings, keep directors up to date, and keep information secure with easy-to-use technology, top-rated training, and 24/7 support.

Want to talk with our customers? Aprio would gladly introduce you to the teams at Interior Health, eHealth Ontario, Island Health, Champlain LHIN, Coast Mental Health, and others. 

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