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Why health organizations and hospital boards need a board portal

Health organizations and hospitals face many challenges when it comes to managing their health boards. Efficiency and security are top of mind as trustees work to stay ahead of regulations governing what they do.

Board portals are a helpful tool to handle all board administration in one place. They allow trustees and board administrators to carry out their tasks in the most productive ways possible. They reduce time and paper waste, and boost security of all communication and documentation.

Reduce risk with board portal software

Efficiency and security are huge challenges facing health association boards. Most boards have issues with email communication, shared drives, and version control. Board portals for health boards reduce these risks with all relevant information organized in one place.

Health boards cannot afford to have patient, employee, or financial information end up in the wrong hands. Secure communication and documentation organized through a board portal reduces these risks and allows for detailed oversight and tracking.

Health board portals streamline every task

Remove all the printing and collating of board packets, and you remove a lot of wasted time for board administrators. Board portals allow online access to meeting minutes and all relevant documents. This is a welcome update from printed material, which can be lost by board members, or confused with earlier versions.

A health board portal ensures documents are organized, updated, and easily and securely shared. Most organizations today are working to reduce printing and improve mobile access, making paperless options very attractive.

Improve efficiency with a health board portal

A health board portal can make trustees and administrators more efficient, with more time and attention for important issues. It’s also easier to welcome new board members when processes are streamlined and easy to use, as new members expect convenient board meeting preparation and simple and secure access to information even as they travel.

When every area of board management can be handled in a secure, organized, and paper-free way, a board is able to do more, with less time and frustration.

Healthcare board governance technology organizes and safeguards every step:

  1. Prepare board packages in advance of meetings in a safe online portal
  2. Manage document storage and version control
  3. Handle informal and formal communication securely
  4. Efficiently schedule and run board meetings
  5. Update information, and notify trustees of updates without document version confusion
  6. Manage access and restrictions to all information
  7. Handle board evaluations confidentially

Health board portals like Aprio are becoming a familiar solution to help health boards manage their board responsibilities with less administration effort and improved governance and confidentiality.

With the friendliest service around, Aprio board software brings security and efficiency to any health board. Learn how your health board could benefit from Aprio today.

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