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The secret to unlocking your board portal’s potential

When you adopt any new software, you want to ensure that it’s being used well. With board portal software, this is doubly true. Both administrators and directors need to understand the things your board portal can do. Not taking advantage of key features can lead to frustration and even lost security if your directors try workarounds on their own.

Training is the difference-maker for adoption of your board portal. Great training doesn’t simply walk through the basics. It unlocks potential and ensures that administrators and directors can act upon their knowledge—now and into the future.

At Aprio, our customers rave about our training. It’s ongoing, for no extra cost, but most importantly, it’s effective. So what’s our secret? Here are three:

1. One-to-one training for directors

Directors are highly qualified people with a mix of skillsets—that’s why they comprise your board. In group training sessions, some will be very technical and take to new software right away. Some will not. Directors who are not technical may not want to ask questions in front of the others. We find that it’s essential to offer individual training sessions to meet the needs of different people.

2. Strong support for administrators

Simply put, we work with administrators until they’re comfortable. Our training offers multiple sessions and customized content: we walk you through such tasks as creating your first meeting, setting up your file library, adding contacts, and creating groups. Ongoing support is included in the price, and we will train new administrators at no extra cost.

3. Webinars to unlock new features

Our quarterly webinars don’t repeat the same-old same-old. They highlight new features and address questions we see repeated among customers. We regularly roll customer feedback into product development, so our product evolves every month. When that happens, we train our customers on how to best use the new capabilities. Our focus is on empowering you to be as efficient and productive as you can be with our software.

We’re also adding video tutorials to our software over the next few months. From the help file, you will be able to launch short, digestible how-tos for commonly asked questions. Like our other product enhancements, we built these videos after input from customers.

Having a feature-rich product calls for training that focuses on best practices and unlocking value. Whether your directors use tablets or desktops, and whether your administrator is new or seasoned, you want a board portal training offering that keeps up with you.

“The support team is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to tackle any issues that come up at any hour of the day. The training offered to the directors is a nice added bonus. Having the app available across any device has also made the ease of integration much easier to access materials.” – Aprio customer in Financial services

Want to evaluate how a simple, affordable board portal can energize your board? Our training is proven to engage directors old and young. Let us give you a tour.

See the Aprio difference.

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