Benefits of Aprio’s Credit Union Management Software
see why Aprio is the #1 choice among North America’s credit unions and how our board management software works.

Why Aprio is the #1 credit union management software

Credit union boards are responsible for ensuring members, employees and the community at large are being well-served. Often, credit union leaders consider how to use technology to improve their member experience. But how can board management software support credit union board efficiency, transparency and communication?

Board portal adoption within credit unions has grown in the past decade. Thanks to increasing cybersecurity concerns, more virtual or hybrid meetings, and more administrative effort to demonstrate compliance and regulatory requirements.

Why are more credit unions choosing Aprio’s board portal software to help run efficient meetings, foster collaboration and keep their data safe – and is it a good fit for your board?

Read on to see why Aprio is the #1 choice among North America’s credit unions and how our board management software works.

Aprio board portal: Credit union management software

We deeply understand the unique governance needs of small to large credit unions working hard to serve their diverse members. In fact, credit unions are the largest community of customers that we serve and our CEO came to Aprio from Canada’s largest credit union.

What is Aprio’s board management software for credit unions?

Aprio’s board management software is purpose-built for credit unions to provide efficient access and data security for board information. Our cloud-based software helps credit union boards centralize their board information and discussions in one place and meet regulatory requirements in less time.

We help hundreds of credit union boards save time on meeting preparation, enhance communication, facilitate decision-making and keep sensitive information secure.

Our standard tools include a library of current and past board information, minutes builder, agenda builder, calendars, annotations, audit reports, decision tracking, attendance reports, and much more – accessible on any device and in real-time.

credit unions choose board portals like Aprio for board management software

How does our software for credit unions work?

From day one, we help you set up your board portal, import existing data and ensure your board portal software is perfectly configured to your board. After the initial setup, our team provides practical training for all users so they know how to use the software and its full features.

Credit union boards use Aprio’s credit union management software to complete specific tasks before, during, and after board meetings.

Before the meeting

Aprio helps credit union board admins prep paperless board packages in minutes, instead of hours. For example, features such as agenda templates and one-click virtual meeting creation allow board admins to efficiently prepare and distribute digital board packages.

During the meeting

Get a more productive board during meetings with everything you need at your fingertips. If your board meeting is 100% virtual or hybrid, members can join the meeting directly from Aprio. As the meeting unfolds, board admins can record meeting minutes, track motions and action items, and assign an approver or a co-author within the board portal.

Board members can annotate board materials on the spot. Aprio makes it easy to mark up board documents and share notes with other board members or committees, even from your mobile device.

After the board meeting

Track attendance, prepare audit reports or generate expense reports with Aprio’s digital board activity audit trail. Aprio’s task manager can help your board stay on top of action items by assigning tasks to individual members so nothing falls through the cracks. Use the surveys and voting tools to facilitate decision-making in between meetings.

How to use Aprio’s credit union management software

Board members and admins simply log in to Aprio’s credit union management software from a desktop or mobile device. From the dashboard, view upcoming board meetings, send out board packages, access a library of meeting materials and sign documents and contracts – all in one secure place.

Top features used by credit union boards

Customized user management: grant access to documents by user, group, or committee to keep sensitive information limited to certain groups or committees.

eSignature: Gather board signatures as easily outside of board meetings as meeting live. Sign off on contracts, non-disclosure agreements and resolutions with Aprio’s eSignatures.

Voting and surveys: get board member input without the inconvenience or delay of follow-up emails and phone calls.

Searchable directory: Need to reach out to a certain board member? Find contact information for each board member and committee member in the easy-to-search directory.

Easy regulatory reporting: all meeting minutes, motions and board evaluations are automatically archived in Aprio. Plus, get easy access to self-serve reports and an accurate audit trail of key compliance actions and dates.

Annotations: board members can easily annotate board materials on the spot with over 10 different markup tools to choose from. Mark up board documents privately or share notes to spark discussion.

Aprio board portal software

Aprio’s board software for credit unions – how pricing works

Often board management software for credit unions offer basic, professional and enterprise editions with different features. Pricing can vary greatly from vendor to vendor – both in the pricing model and the total cost – so it’s important to get customized quotes to compare. Better technology and better service can come at a bit higher price, be sure to consider your goals with the portal, not just grab the best deal.

At Aprio, we believe that good governance should be simple for credit unions. That’s why we ensure you won’t pay for more users than you need and offer you all of the premium tools and features you need to better manage your board: a library of current and past board materials, minutes builder, agenda builder, calendars, annotations, audit reports, decision tracking, desktop and remote access, attendance reports, and much more – with access to both desktop and mobile applications.

Our subscription includes 12 user licenses – any number of which can be administrators — and unlimited committees at no extra cost. And every customer gets unlimited training and support for administrators and directors.

Why use Aprio as your credit union management software

Aprio stands out in the industry for providing an easy-to-use secure board portal that works the way a credit union board really works and for our standout service.

Unmatched expert customer service

Aprio’s responsive and expert customer service support separates us from our competitors. You won’t find automated-chat answers or hard-to-reach call centers with Aprio. We offer personalized 24/7 support from experienced board administrators who deeply understand the needs of credit union boards.

We deliver a seamless onboarding experience and unlimited on-demand training to make it simple for credit unions to migrate from other portals or in-house systems or to get started with board technology.

Ease of use

Compared to other software for credit unions, Aprio’s board portal is simple and straightforward to learn for admins, credit union leaders and board members. Our user-friendly and intuitive navigation system reduces user confusion and annoyance. Files, links, and everything else board members need are easy to find!

But don’t just take our word for it. We survey our users each year and maintain an excellent score for ease of use.

Industry-leading security

Not all credit union software offers the same data protection. We offer layers of advanced security and give you the power to control access, guarantee compliance, and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices.

We’re proud to have the best customer loyalty and service satisfaction in the industry. Consider what some of our credit union customers have to say:

“Many other credit unions have already chosen Aprio and have been with them for a long time. After our reassessment of other board portals, we’re letting our peers know that Aprio is still the best fit for credit union boards in terms of the capabilities it provides and its dollar value.” -Kate MacLeod, Meridian Credit Union

“With Aprio, you see directors preparing weeks in advance, going to documents numerous times versus the director that only begins prep an hour before the meeting.” – John Haines, Board chair, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union (YNCU)

Book a demo of Aprio’s board management software for credit unions

Credit unions chose Aprio to help run efficient meetings, foster collaboration and keep data safe. We can help your credit union board assess if Aprio is the right fit, based on your specific requirements. Talk to us about your needs – we’re happy to help.

Ready to get a personalized tour of all the features that will make your credit union board more efficient? Talk to our Sales Team. We’d love to know more about your credit union board and your board management needs.

See the Aprio difference.

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