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Our thanks to Aprio’s founder, John Kidder

Everyone who knows Aprio knows that our mission is to make good governance simple and affordable for all. This clarity of focus is a superpower for Aprio, and it came from John Kidder, who founded the company more than a decade ago in 2003.

This month, John is retiring from the Aprio board. On behalf of our team and the board of directors, I wish to express thanks to John for all he has contributed and for the inspiration he’s provided which remains at the heart of Aprio’s success.

John and Federico de Giuli, our VP Technology & CIO who continues to guide the direction of our product, began Aprio to create software that empowers organizations large and small to ensure fair and easy access to board information with tools for transparent board meetings and decisions, at all times.

It was John’s conviction that good governance should not be a luxury item accessible only to affluent organizations. Aprio makes it possible for any organization to achieve good governance with affordable technology. Today, credit unions, not-for-profit organizations, crown corporations, educational institutions, aboriginal organizations and public companies use Aprio to run better board meetings, with engaged directors, and with less staff effort and cost.

John also taught us that while we sell technology, we are in a human business. He created a culture where everyday our team members ask: how can we remove the barriers that board administrators, chairs, directors and CEOs face in making their boards more productive? He led the creation of our service team, which trains and supports our users with empathy for their busy lives and tentative trust in technology.

You’ve left an enormous mark John. We thank you and wish you the very best ahead.

– Ian Warner

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