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Nominate a not-for-profit to win Aprio for free!

Today, Aprio is thrilled to launch our Good Governance For All Awards program to reward an admired not-for-profit by providing them with Aprio Boardroom for free.

We welcome your nominations of charities you most admire. Tell us who would benefit from free board portal software for three years to support ease of information access, efficient decisions and well-run meetings of their board.


Nomination Deadline: October 31, 2016

Anyone who’s worked in a not-for-profit, or served on a charity’s board, has witnessed that organizations with the highest aims for impact often face the biggest hurdles in engaging their boards.

Not-for-profit staff might work hard to inform directors with paper binders and email flurries, but often find directors come to meetings under-prepared or ask for information to be emailed over and over as things get lost.

The organization keeps hoping for well-informed decisions at meetings. The volunteer directors keep hoping things will get more efficient. Both groups crave a productive board but struggle. Some directors will trudge on and stay, but others will resign from the Board disappointed they never really made an impact.

Aprio was founded on the belief that organizations of any size, for profit or charities, deserved a quality information system to make good governance simple and affordable. Our Good Governance for All Awards aim is to help not-for-profits achieve their ultimate ambitions by making good governance simpler. Along the way we hope to enhance the lives of directors who dedicate their time to charitable board work.

Help us make good governance affordable and simple for Canada’s not-for-profit organizations.

Learn more about Good Governance For All awards.

See the Aprio difference.

We’re happy to help assess your needs and the fit with Aprio. Take the first step.

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