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January 15, 2019
Karen Peacey

Improve board of director onboarding

Getting a “yes” from a new board of directors recruit is not the turning point in gaining a valuable new contributor to the board.

Director research reveals that new directors, though committed to constructive contributors to your organizations, often join with a critical perspective. Board surveys show that first year or second year directors are likely to be less positive about an organization’s strengths or strategic direction than longer-serving directors. Is this a result of clear, fresh perspective, or a misunderstanding based on poor onboarding? You need to make sure that it’s not the latter.

It used to be that director onboarding would include administrators walking through stacks of paper in a binder. Or, according to Forbes, simply handing new recruits a copy of the handbook and benefits brochure, and crossing fingers they would read up. Problem is, this is a slow and ineffective way to bring directors up to speed. Your director onboarding process needs to align with next gen recruits who are tech-savvy and elite c-level recruits who are time-starved.

So, how does board portal technology help with director onboarding?

At a high-level, a simple to use board portal like Aprio is a one-stop location for all members of your board of directors to access board information including meeting dates, committee contacts, and board materials. It is safe, secure, and simple to use —while giving secure access to the right stakeholders.

Easy-to-use information for DIY access

You can easily orient new recruits using board portal software that presents board information intuitively labeled and organized for easy ongoing access. Unlike SharePoint or free document sharing, board management software presents information in a way directors quickly understand, even directors not typically comfortable with technology.

Clear updates, efficient meeting preparation

As important as an initial orientation for directors is keeping them engaged in evolving organization decisions and information. With board portal software, every time information is added – every director is alerted in real-time with links to the most current information.

Board meeting prep and decisions between meetings are simple to do, and transparent across all directors. And you can keep the conversation and decisions going between meetings with polls and annotations on documents for pre-meeting discussion among all board members or committees.

Quick, proven training as part of onboarding

Highly trusted board portal technology providers will include free training for new directors to ensure they embrace your portal immediately upon joining the board. While good board portals are easy-to-use and intuitive from the start, Aprio one-on-one director training is credited with rapid engagement on many high performing boards.

Commit to better board onboarding and engagement

With experience guiding health board agencies, credit unions, non-profits, government organization and corporations across North America, our team would welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of Aprio board portal technology and answer your questions about making board onboarding and board meeting management more effective.

Interested in more information now? Download the free Board Portal Buying Guide to learn the top 10 things to assess.

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