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Credit union board management – 5 ways your board portal can help

For credit union boards and their committees, board portals make staying in the loop, supporting decisions and discussing board materials easy to do, securely from anywhere. 

As you’re evaluating board portals for credit unions or assessing if you’re getting enough from the one you use – consider that credit unions are the largest community of customers that Aprio serves. Our CEO came to Aprio from Canada’s largest credit union that’s why we understand the unique governance needs of small to large credit unions working hard to serve their diverse members. For some that’s rapid loan approvals, for others that’s unique financial services for low income communities.

Here’s 5 ways Aprio’s board portal helps credit union board management.

5 ways Aprio’s board management software helps credit unions get more done:

1. Faster decisions on loans, meet times and evaluations.

Credit unions use Aprio’s online voting and secure surveys for scheduling meetings, board evaluations and CEO reviews. Plus, by storing results from surveys and votes in your board portal, it’s easy to analyze trends over time. 

2. Secure committee communication, from anywhere.

Aprio’s board management software allows secure annotations on documents, discussions with just committee members or other directors. It’s fast to set up committee-only access to documents and have people join the committee, gain access and get up to speed.

Aprio's board management software allows real-time collaboration for credit unions

3. Markup financial documents and share for real-time collaboration.

Credit union boards use Aprio’s annotations feature to digitally take notes on financial documents or other important board materials. Choose to share your edits and markups with other board or committee members to collaborate and facilitate your discussions in real-time.

4. Conveniently share files without data risk.

There’s never a reason to risk a data breach sending files by email. Aprio’s board management software makes it easy to securely share links to sensitive financial information or board materials without risk. Upload and share files of any size and use the robust search functionality to locate the files you need, from any device.

5. Sign contracts anywhere.

Credit union board members sign contracts, non-disclosure agreements, or dozens of other business documents quickly and securely using Aprio’s eSignatures. This powerful tool is legally robust and is accessible from a browser or your tablet app.

See why Aprio is the #1 choice for Credit Union board management

Credit unions and financial organizations chose Aprio to help run efficient meetings, foster collaboration and keep data safe. Get a customized tour of Aprio and preview all the features that will make your credit union board more effective while keeping your information secure. Contact us today to request a custom demo.

“Aprio really saves on time when preparing the reports and packages, allowing time for other tasks. Directors can approve material electronically without having to come in for short meetings. Paper costs have been reduced with having no manuals to prepare, and having everything in the library up to date.” – Your Neighbourhood Credit Union

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