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Everything you need to know about board portals for nonprofits

Despite their fundamentally different missions, nonprofit organizations share a wide range of responsibilities that corporate boards do. In fact, given their nature, nonprofit boards may have a few additional responsibilities. 

A nonprofit’s board of directors is responsible for managing the organization’s finances, compliance, and decision-making processes. Board members have legal responsibilities as part of their role on the board. As with any other board, their primary duties are strategizing and overseeing activities. Boards of nonprofit organizations are responsible for many different duties, like keeping meeting minutes, training and managing volunteers, and fundraising. 

Moreover, nonprofit boards spend a fair amount of time on marketing, awareness, and aligning their activities with their cause. It is common for nonprofit boards to hire some staff members along with their many volunteers.

Technology is becoming an essential part of operation as nonprofit boards assume increasingly complex duties and responsibilities.

Why do nonprofits need board portal software?

Donors, foundations, and organizations that support nonprofits expect the organization to work efficiently and allocate its funds effectively.

One way to achieve these goals is to use a nonprofit board portal. For nonprofits that may already be stretched thin, board portals can help optimize board tasks like scheduling board meetings, creating board books and agendas, and gathering information from distributed board members. 

Board management software also helps reduce overhead costs of supplies like ink, paper, and physical reports, so more funds can be allocated to the nonprofit’s beneficiaries instead of the administration. By using board portal software to organize and distribute board packages, the nonprofit also reduces paid and volunteer time to prepare such reports. 

Board portals for nonprofits can help nonprofits by keeping track of time and meetings, using automation for scheduling and communications, and assigning essential tasks to board members. Board portal software is designed to support nonprofit governance to the fullest by providing everything you need to run your board more efficiently.

Through automated tracking and accountability, board members and directors can focus more time on essential board activities like strategic planning, oversight, and fundraising. Because nonprofit board directors are usually volunteers, this is an important consideration and helps them use their time most effectively. 

For nonprofits, board portal software is essential due to its convenience, mobility, and security. Access to board materials is secure, encrypted, and confidential, with administrators controlling access permissions for each member. Nonprofit boards can even govern remotely with collaboration tools that encourage ongoing communication and stay connected from anywhere.

How to win at nonprofit board management.

Taking nonprofit board management remote has never been easier with virtual meeting integrations, remote voting, eSignatures/surveys, online and offline availability, note-taking and annotations, and a secure messenger platform. This software even allows boards to meet more frequently without planning in-person meetings coordinating around members’ busy schedules. 

Time management is crucial to nonprofit board management. Being staffed primarily by volunteers, the necessity of being well organized and efficient cannot be overstated. Nonprofit boards can regain the valuable time they lose due to the manual process of creating agendas, minutes, and resolutions. 

Nonprofit board governance at its best. 

Regulatory and legal authorities continue to put pressure on nonprofit boards regarding ethics and integrity. As a result, organizations and nonprofit boards have a lot of responsibilities in the modern era of legal entity management.

A board’s governance is a complex, demanding, and high-stakes undertaking in today’s world. The nonprofit sector needs to develop a modern system of governing its boards so that effective decisions can be made and results can be achieved. Nonprofit boards can benefit from online tools that help make their work more efficient and effective without compromising security. With its ability to eliminate many of the risks associated with manual, paper-based processes, Aprio serves nonprofit boards well in the present and the future.

Good governance relies on board engagement and collaboration.

Through board portal software, nonprofit boards become more efficient and more effective. Transparency, accountability, and creative thinking must drive the directors’ time rather than honing procedural requirements, managing security risks, or coordinating communications. With more time free from administration, the board can devote its attention to high-priority issues, such as strategic fundraising initiatives.

Focus on supporting your community instead of on the administration that comes with managing your board. Utilize collaborative tools, document storage, and meetings tools to get more done.

With Apio, organizations can distribute board materials efficiently, conduct more productive meetings, and make decisions outside the boardroom. Powered by friendly customer service, our board portal software helps you stay organized and on top of everything so you can focus on what’s important.

Learn how Aprio can simplify your nonprofit board’s management and governance.

Aprio’s board portal software helps executive directors, board members, and meeting administrators operate efficiently and stay organized. 

See how Aprio helps streamline nonprofit board meetings and communication while keeping information secure. See a quick demo.

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