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why customers choose Aprios board of director software

Why Aprio is the #1 board of directors software

Why are more boards choosing Aprio’s board of directors software to help run efficient meetings, foster engagement and keep their data safe – and is it a good fit for your board?

Purpose-built board software like Aprio’s board of directors software is essential to enhance board efficiency, security, transparency, and communication.

Read on to learn more about the top benefits, key features and considerations for board of director software – and how Aprio stands out.

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Why adopt board of directors software?

Security is often the top reason why a board starts considering a board portal. Boards that rely on emailing or sharing board documents with free editions of software like Dropbox or Google Drive pose real security risks. Even more sophisticated file-sharing solutions like SharePoint can lead to frustrated directors who struggle to find the right board materials within unfamiliar folder structures and labeling conventions.

Board meeting software offers advanced layers of security compared to email and shared drives and is much easier to navigate for board members.

What security measures should you look for in software for board of directors?

At a minimum, look for board portal solutions that offer:

  • Data hosting verified by independent third-party certifications
  • Data encryption verified by independent third-party certifications
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Remote wiping and locking of devices
  • Role based access or granular access permission to documents
  • Usage reports to review any irregular activity

See our cybersecurity checklist to do a deeper evaluation of board management software security.

Top benefits of using board of directors software

Board of directors software helps boards save time on board meeting preparation, enhance communication and engagement, facilitate decision-making and keep sensitive information secure. Customers who choose Aprio’s board of director software often mention these benefits:

  • Instant, same-time delivery of updates and document revisions to board members at any time, regardless of location.
  • Increased security, including protection for confidential documents, and built-in safeguards to prevent accidental email transmissions.
  • Centralized access to meeting materials, communications, policies, bylaws, and archives within a highly reliable, secure portal.
  • Increased efficiency in producing and distributing board books and other documents.
  • Increased efficiency for meeting scheduling including rescheduling board of director meetings

Unlock board efficiency and productivity: key features every board needs in their board of directors software

For boards seeking to improve governance processes with less effort, what features are must-have in your board of director software?

Consider these top board portal features to streamline board meeting preparation, make faster decisions, and keep board members on track.

  • Convenient document management for board members to easily search and access all board materials
  • Agenda Builder to streamline meeting agenda creation and distribution
  • Meeting Minutes Builder to easily document and share record meeting minutes
  • Chat or discussions to facilitate communication and collaboration outside of a board meeting, and out of email
  • Board Task Manager to track action items to keep board members organized
  • Surveys, assessments and polls to gather valuable feedback and insights, as well as increase engagement
  • Integrations for virtual board meetings so board members can join in one click
  • Online board voting and e-signatures to streamline approvals and decisions
  • Board reports to gain valuable insights into board activities and automate audit trails

Be sure your board of directors software includes virtual meeting integrations

Board of director software: pricing and scalability

Board of director software often offers basic, professional, and enterprise editions, each equipped with distinct features so look closely to get the capabilities you really need. Beyond the technology, different vendors can charge extra for set up support, training, adding committees and even report generation. Make sure to ask about both up-front costs as well as ongoing expenses.

While better technology and service may come at a slightly higher price point, it’s important to choose a board portal that best fits your goals and organization’s needs, not just grab the cheapest sticker price.

Aprio pricing and scalability

We believe that good governance should be simple. We offer a premium product in a “you get what you pay for” market, that is protected with layers of advanced security and intuitive to use. We offer the ability to hide features and use them later at a pace that works for your board.

Aprio’s subscription includes:

  • 12 user licenses – any number of which can be administrators — and unlimited committees at no extra cost.
  • All premium features including a library of current and past board materials, minutes builder, agenda builder, calendars, annotations, audit reports, decision tracking, attendance reports, and much more – with access to both desktop and mobile applications.
  • Industry-leading security
  • Initial one-on-one training for administrators and directors and any ongoing training you may need to set your board up for success

Looking to learn more? Talk to our sales team.

How to choose the best board of directors software

Boards are wise to carefully evaluate and select the board of director software that best meets their unique organization’s needs. Not all board portals are created equal and they can vary widely in features, security, pricing, as well as support and training.

If you’re comparing board portal software, consider using an evaluation checklist. Talk to your board members to assess their needs and identify any frustrations with how they currently operate. Then, look for a solution that aligns with these needs. Here are some things to consider as you evaluate different software for your board of directors.

Take to your board about their needs and then evaluate board of director software with a checklist

1. Board administration and management

Evaluate how a board of director software simplifies administrative tasks related to managing board meetings and updates for directors when there are changes to dates or documents. Explore opportunities for automation to reduce your current routine administrative efforts.

2. Director access and collaboration tools

A primary function of board portals is to offer timely and transparent access to board information. Investigate how different products and user interfaces make accessing information easy and intuitive for your board members within their daily activities.

3. Mobility and convenience

Given that travel and remote work are common aspects of directors’ and executives’ lives, technology plays a significant role in recruiting and engaging high-performing board members. Explore the convenience of mobile access through board meeting apps and assess support for directors working remotely, both online and offline, on various devices as well as integrations for online board meetings. Use Zoom, Teams, Google Meeting, or whatever video conference tool your board is already familiar with.

4. Robust security

Ensuring the confidentiality of board documents and communications is a crucial aspect of board portals. Consider both the security of board information within the portal and the simplicity of access for directors. Additionally, take data location into account, as it can impact data protection and accessibility based on national policies.

5. Easy onboarding and setup

The effectiveness and security of board portal software hinge on its adoption by the entire board. Understand the support different vendors offer for implementing board information and schedules online, as well as the training and ongoing support they provide to customers.

6. Customer support

Given that board portal software is used by influential and time-constrained individuals in your organization, it’s crucial that customer support is professional and helpful. Try calling the vendor’s customer helpline to assess the level of customer service you can expect.

7. Pricing

While the functionality of board portal software may be similar, pricing can vary significantly. Some vendors offer different product editions, including “lite” and full-featured versions, while others charge for additional committees, administrators, training, or data storage. Make sure to ask about starter fees and all potential add-ons.

8. Reputation and service

Service, alongside product reliability, is a significant factor in customer satisfaction with a software vendor. Connect with peers and references who have used the board of directors portal you are considering. Learn about their experiences with implementation, initial board meetings, and the vendor’s responsiveness to feature requests and product issues over time.

9. Technology and innovation

Ensure that the software you select today will evolve in line with governance best practices and your organization’s evolving needs. Inquire about future product updates and your ability to influence product development as a customer.

10. Best overall fit

As you go through the software assessment process, consider the level of responsiveness and service from the vendor’s team members as well as its technology, features and pricing. Give consideration to all ten factors to determine the board portal software that aligns best with your organization.

Why customers ultimately choose Aprio’s board of directors software

Aprio stands out in the industry for providing an easy-to-use secure board portal that works the way a board really works and for our standout service.

Customers ultimately choose Aprio for its:

  • Industry-leading security: We adhere to the highest security standards in the industry with robust measures to safeguard your data at every level, from storage and backups to monitoring and encryption and advanced layers of security features.
  • Ease of use: Aprio’s board portal is simple and straightforward to learn for admins, executives and board members. Even the less tech-savvy ones.
  • Unmatched expert support: Aprio’s customer service sets us apart. You won’t find automated chat answers or hard-to-reach call centers, you’ll actually talk to a real person who knows firsthand the stresses and urgencies of board meeting management and communication —24/7, 365 days a year.

Aprio board portal features

“Aprio’s board portal is extremely easy and straightforward to use and its robust security measures ensure the confidentiality of our company information. Even our less tech-savvy board members remark on how easy it is to use and find documents! With over a decade of experience as an Aprio customer, I have no hesitation in recommending the Aprio board portal and its outstanding service and support.” – Charline McKissick, Canadian Scholarship Trust

See Aprio in action – book a demo of our board of directors software

See firsthand why thousands of board members love Aprio’s board of directors software. Start the process by talking to our sales team. We’d love to assess your needs and the fit with Aprio.

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