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Aprio’s easy to use board management solutions offer a simple way for boards to stay connected, organized and demonstrate board governance.

Why choose Aprio’s board management solutions

Boards are set to face many challenges in 2023 in light of a recession looming and continued pressure for board transparency, accountability and diversity. How can your board navigate these challenges and mitigate the risks ahead?

Many boards of directors are curious about how board management software can help them keep an audit trail of board activity, effectively keep directors up-to-date and engaged in meetings, and streamline communication to support the best strategic and timely decisions. 

The good news is that Aprio’s easy to use board management solutions offer a simple way for boards to stay connected, organized and demonstrate board governance.

Read on to see what makes board portal software work and how Aprio stacks up.

Board management solutions that actually work

Board meetings should be informed, effective and uncomplicated. Get faster decision-making and collaboration between board members, committee members, and leadership teams with board management solutions that work the way a board actually works.

Aprio’s simple and easy-to-navigate document management system means board documents and board materials like meeting minutes and meeting agendas are easily searchable and accessible online from any device.

Plus, board admins save hours on board meeting prep and task management with Aprio’s robust features like agenda templates, meeting minute builder and attendance tracking.

Why Aprio is the #1 board management solution

Aprio stands out in the industry for providing an easy-to-use secure board portal and unmatched expert service. With a seamless onboarding experience and unlimited on-demand training, we make it simple to migrate from other portals or in-house systems or to get you started with technology.

Unparalleled customer service

Aprio’s customer service support separates us from our competitors. You won’t find automated-chat answers or hard-to-reach call centers with Aprio. We offer personalized 24/7 support from experienced board administrators who deeply understand the needs of boards.

From day one, we help you set up your board meeting software and help ensure your board portal is perfectly configured. And whenever you call, you’ll talk to a real person who knows firsthand the stresses and urgencies of board meeting management and communication —24/7, 365 days a year.

Ease of use

Compared to other board management solutions, Aprio is simple and straightforward to learn for both board admins and directors.  Our user-friendly and intuitive navigation system reduces user confusion and annoyance. Files, links, and everything else board members need are easy to find!

But don’t just take our word for it. We survey our users each year and maintain an excellent score for ease of use.

Industry-leading security

Not all meeting management software offers the same data protection. We offer layers of advanced security and give you the power to control access, guarantee compliance, and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices.

Why Aprio is the #1 board management solution

Board management solutions that give results

Aprio’s board portal helps boards save time preparing for meetings, provides easy access to board documents, safeguards confidential information, and helps to best engage board members. In talking with our customers – here’s how Aprio’s board management solutions have improved the management of their board.

Efficient board meeting preparation

For board administrators, Aprio makes board meeting preparation painless and task management more efficient. Instantly circulate board packages electronically, drag and drop in new documents and relay updates, and schedule board meetings with the click of a button. Administrators also save time when creating agendas and meeting minutes.

With Aprio’s easy-to-use, one-stop online location for board materials, directors can quickly and easily access the right documents to prepare without having to search through multiple file versions or email swirls. Less time searching means more time for directors to get up to speed.

More productive board meetings

Keeping board meetings productive and on schedule is a mark of a well-managed board. That’s one part of preparation – equipping directors with one-stop online information that’s current and easily searched for quick review so they come to meetings informed and ready for succinct, and decisive discussions at meetings.

One of the things we hear that also works to keep meetings on track is adding links to the agenda to give instant access to related documents. This even works to give select users unique links for in-camera meetings.

Aprio also helps improve board productivity and keeps meeting agendas on track by supporting collaboration in between meetings. For example, repetitive background questions can often eat up time in board meetings. With Aprio, board members can easily ask questions to management before the meeting, with answers circulated to all directors.

Improved onboarding for new directors

Aprio helps you easily orient your new recruits with board meeting software that presents board information in a way that’s labeled intuitively and organized for easy, ongoing access. Unlike SharePoint or free document-sharing applications, Aprio presents information in a way that new directors (and even tech-averse ones) can quickly understand.

Allowing easy access to board information on historic discussions and decisions can be very helpful for new directors during their onboarding. And is convenient for any board member who wants to reference previous materials.

Build a culture of inclusion

For board chairs seeking to ensure every member has an equal voice, same-time access to same-board communication is a must. Voting, polls and online discussions invite every member to have their say and enhance collaboration beyond board meetings.

And when board admins need to replace a board document with a newer version, it’s no longer a hassle to update directors. Admins can upload the new version directly to Aprio, and an automatic notification alerts all directors of the update. Version confusion ceases to exist.

Curious how we’ve helped boards just like yours with more efficient meeting prep, more productive meetings, enhanced collaboration and other benefits? Explore our Customer Stories.

improve board inclusion and engagement with board management solutions

Our board management solutions are superior to those of our competitors

From credit unions to government organizations and educational institutions, boards choose Aprio for our unmatched expert service and an easy-to-use, secure board portal that works the way a board really works.

Aprio helps boards focus more time on their organizational priorities instead of board meeting preparation and keeping members up to date. We also reduce the workload on board admins by streamlining board meeting preparation, task management and communication.

We’re proud to have the best customer loyalty and service satisfaction in the industry. Don’t take our word for it, consider what our customers have to say:

“The efficiency of providing board information to our directors has improved immensely using Aprio and staff time in preparing meeting packages has been greatly reduced. Aprio has made our governance practices so much easier and more efficient.” – Elaine Hasemore, BlueShore Financial

“Aprio is a library for all of our important documents. The board always has access to what they need. It’s confidential, easy to navigate, and eliminates hard copies. Love it!” – Rose Gioia, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union

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We help board admins and directors assess if Aprio is the right fit, based on the specific requirements of your board. Talk to us about your needs – we’re happy to help.


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