Aprio achieves unprecedented growth and leadership investment in 2017
Aprio press release

Aprio Inc. achieves unprecedented growth in 2017; leadership invests further in company

VANCOUVER, BC – December 20, 2017 – Aprio Inc., Canada’s most trusted provider of board portal software, today recapped 2017 as a year of unprecedented growth and achievement, and an opportunity for the company’s leadership to invest further in growing Aprio Inc. over the long term.

Modern product experience

The company delivered a new browser edition of Aprio featuring improved navigation, a modern intuitive design, and smartphone optimization for both administrators and directors. More than half of Aprio’s users have switched to the new edition, with positive early feedback on the mobile-first design, greater ease-of-use and time efficiency in performing board tasks.

Customer growth and loyalty

Aprio Inc. welcomed more customers in 2017 than in any prior year, including David Suzuki Foundation, Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario, Consumer Protection Services, and the Provincial Health Services Agency. Customer growth was achieved across North America with strong expansion among financial institutions, crown corporations and public agencies. Aprio Inc. continues to lead the industry with a 95 per cent customer loyalty record among global board portal software providers.

CUES partnership extends credit union reach

The company deepened its commitment to serving credit unions, beginning a new industry partnership with CUES, the international credit union member organization serving the evolving education and development needs of more than 13,500 credit union members. The partnership supports Aprio Inc’s growth and gives the company valuable insight into the governance needs of a broadened credit union community.

Increased share ownership by CEO and VP Technology

Also this year, to support the sale of some shares by one of the founders of Aprio Inc, the private company underwent a market check to reach a fair market price for its shares. The company’s leadership team purchased the available shares. President and CEO, Ian Warner, increased his ownership position to become the largest shareholder, and VP Technology and CIO, Federico de Giuli also purchased more shares. The increased equity stake by the company’s executives demonstrates the leadership’s commitment to growing Aprio Inc. over the long term.

About Aprio Inc.

Aprio Inc. makes good governance simple and affordable for organizations of any size. Our board portal, Aprio, is chosen by financial institutions, crown corporations, First Nations, non-profits and public companies to achieve transparent communication, efficient decisions and well-run board meetings. With all board information, scheduling, collaboration and decision tracking in Aprio, the work of organizing meetings, and engaging and keeping directors up to date becomes easier, and far more secure. Founded in 2003, Aprio Inc. is proud of our reputation for the best customer experience in our industry. Visit www.aprio.net to learn more.

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