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Aprio brings affordable board governance to Canada’s health agencies

VANCOUVER, BC – June 18, 2018– Aprio Inc., Canada’s most trusted provider of board portal software, welcomes Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) as its newest customer as strong demand from health agencies and associations continues. Coast Mental Health, Interior Health and Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation are among the other health organizations that have chosen Aprio’s board portal in 2018.

Across Canada, healthcare agencies are being established to bring transparency, accountability and efficiency into how national and regional healthcare systems operate, each of them led by a Board of Directors with intense governance obligations. These boards are increasingly seeking technology to bring more transparency, accountability and efficiency to how their boards operate.
“We’re dedicated to making strong board governance simple and secure for health agencies across Canada,” said Ian Warner, President & CEO, Aprio Inc. “It is gratifying to support organizations like Champlain, that often have limited staff and seek to meet or exceed the intense governance requirements for organizations that receive public funding.”

Aprio began working with health organizations in 2016 to provide transparent and convenient access to board information while protecting data security. Aprio’s board portal also helps to efficiently run board meetings, keep directors up to date, and supports health organizations with directors at different geographic locations. There are more than 100 hospital associations, LHINs, health associations and agencies across Canada and Aprio is becoming the board portal provider of choice for the sector.

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Aprio makes good governance simple and affordable. The Aprio board portal helps organizations large and small to efficiently run board meetings, keep directors up to date, and keep information secure. Aprio provides premium features without premium pricing, all delivered with unmatched service. Our simplicity and affordability make us the first choice of health agencies, credit unions, financial institutions, crown corporations, non-profits and public companies across North America. Founded in 2003, Aprio is proud of our reputation for the best customer experience in our industry. Visit to learn more.

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