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Aprio at max security – 3 tips

Ever lost your work because you didn’t save? Or spilled coffee onto your keyboard?

The worst thing about those mess-up moments is that we knew better.

If you ask many of the people involved in a company’s data breach – that’s what you’ll hear as well. “I knew better than to open that email.” “I knew I shouldn’t send that report without encryption.”

But we are all moving fast, doing our best, and only human. That’s why sometimes we need to shake up our old habits to make sure we’re not putting our work or our organizations at risk.

Security is built into the core of the Aprio board portal but like every application – how it’s used affects the protection that it offers. Here are some hints.

3 tips to become an Aprio security superhero:

  1. View documents within Aprio  – Even if you’re in the habit of saving documents to your laptop or tablet, get used to viewing board documents only within Aprio. If your laptop or tablet is lost– docs within Aprio can be scraped clean remotely. Docs saved outside are at risk. Your administrator can restrict downloading if you want to ensure that docs stay safely in the system.
  2. Collaborate within Aprio – Maybe something about the financials or auditor’s report got you thinking. Instead of sending an unsecured email, use the collaboration tools in Aprio to note the question and relay it confidentially to other board members.
  3. Password bulletproofing – You know this already: if you have one favorite password that you use for everything, and even your kids know it, it’s probably time to switch it up and make it more secure. If you want reminders to check your password, your administrator can help. They can set a password policy – what it must contain and when it has to be changed.

Need a refresher on using Aprio at max security? Contact us at support@aprio.net to book a 15-min training call.

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