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3-step annotations make meeting prep easy in Aprio

Are you frustrated with leaving notes on paper behind at office or on home office desk? Nervous about asking the board chair pre-meeting questions over unsecured email? Wish you could solicit some perspective from other directors on your notes before gathering around the board table?

Well, you’re not alone. Your needs are similar to thousands of others who now use Aprio annotations to digitally take notes so they are always with you from any computer or device and easy to share for discussion.

Aprio annotations help you prepare for meetings more efficiently: jot down initial thoughts or questions with a few simple taps, highlight significant points, and if you choose share the marked up document with other directors all with a simple click.

Ready to become a note taking genius?

3 simple steps to create annotations in Aprio

  1. With an open document, tap or click on the paper or pen icon to change to the graphical toolbar. From the toolbar, you can select: sticky notes, highlight, underline, strike-through, write or erase text, use arrows, or draw a box.
  2. Select the Shared Annotations If you want the annotations to be shared with other users. Aprio will default to the Personal Annotations. Click on the Person icon to select your choice.Shared-Annotations-Aprio-Ipad-image
  3. Click on the Cloud icon to Sync with Server or Copy to Personal backup. Now you can access your revised documents with any of your devices.Cloud-Sync-With-Server-Copy-to-Personal-Aprio-ipad-image

And you’re done! With these three simple steps, you’ll be able to better prepare for future board meetings and share your notes and questions with the rest of the board.

Want to learn more or have additional questions? Contact us toll free at 1-855-552-APRIO or email support@aprio.net. We’re always available for a quick training session.

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