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2018 wrap up – Aprio fun facts & big thanks

With great users and partners, Aprio had an amazing 2018. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for your loyalty, suggestions on how to make our product better, and your generous referrals to help us grow.

Here are some fun facts from our team. We’re wishing you the best in 2019.

Welcome Aprio newcomers!
Our customer community
grew by 27% in 2018.

“I joined Aprio myself this year
and love it! If we haven’t yet met, I look
forward to saying hello.” – Kirstin Skinner,
Customer Success Manager

The more the merrier!
On our most active day,
we had 64% more users
than any day last year

“It’s rewarding to see so many people
taking advantage of our technology to make
the work of running a board simpler. We
founded the company with that hope.
Now it’s very real.”
– Federico de Giuli, VP Technology & CIO

Here to help.
We trained 500 directors &
admins as we grew in 2018.

“Sustaining our service excellence
is my mission everyday. We never forget
that while we provide software, we are
a people business.” – Karen Peacey,
Customer Relations

Happy holidays everyone. Looking forward to helping make your board meetings better, and board communication simpler in 2019.

Best wishes,

Team Aprio

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