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More productive meetings. Faster board meeting prep. See why Aprio is the most easy to use and secure board portal software that’s backed by 24/7 expert support.

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Helping global organizations operate with strong governance

Aprio’s board portal software is the one tool you need for stress-free and productive board meetings

All-inclusive board portal software features

Get access to all the premium board portal features to better manage your board. Hide the features you won’t use right away. Unhide them and set up training at no extra cost when you want to do more.

Industry-leading board portal security and compliance

Aprio offers layers of security to keep board information secure. Our data protection is verified by independent, third-party security auditors. We provide advanced features like multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, remote wiping and more.

With Aprio, you’re never “just another client”

From day one, we help you set up your board management software and provide practical training and expert support for board members and administrators 24/7, 365 days a year.

When anyone on your board calls or emails, you’ll talk to a former board administrator who truly cares.

Aprio’s board portal software meets the needs of diverse boards globally

We help organizations large and small run better board meetings, keep directors up to date and keep information secure.

Frequently asked questions about board portal software

A board portal is purpose-built for board administrators and members of the board of directors for secure document management and to make board meeting preparation efficient. Organizations that implement board portal software report saving time in meeting set up, board communication and managing the board calendar than organizations using file sharing sites including SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox. Additionally, board management software allows board members to access board information and communicate in real time, enhancing responsiveness and decision-making efficiency. Board documents and materials are kept more secure including distributing board materials without the security risk of email with a board of directors platform.

  • Ease of use – Compared to other board management tools, Aprio is a breeze to learn for both board administrators or board liaisons and for directors.
  • Simple to start or switch – Aprio’s support team is known for being setup saviors – we make it simple to migrate from other portals or in-house systems, or start from scratch with software.
  • Full featuresWith Aprio, all users have access to advanced features to work at max efficiency and save time, or can hide features to keep things simple. Plus use Aprio on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – whether you use Android, Apple or Microsoft. Features we hear set us apart include our automated agenda creator, easy digital board books, add or remove directors and committees, and reports to track board activity. 
  • Security – With layers of advanced security features, we give you the power to control access, guarantee compliance, and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices.
  • Superior expert support – Not all support is as supportive as Aprio’s. We stand out for personalized, practical training for directors and administrators plus live 24/7 help when board members need it from people who are masters of the system and experienced board administrators themselves.

Every time you call, chat or email Aprio you’ll talk to an experienced board administrator who cares. We stand out for personalized, practical training for directors and administrators plus live 24/7 help when board members need it from people who are masters of the system and experienced board administrators themselves. Just ask our customers how we make their lives easier!

There are several board management tools on the market to help run your board more efficiently. Some board of directors platforms are lite products limited in features, some are full-featured like Aprio, but all are a bit unique in how simple they are to use, their security and the service offered by the company.

Key criteria to assess – efficient board meeting management, convenient director access, data protection, ease of getting started or switching from another portal, reputation and service, affordability, and best overall fit. To help you compare, see the 10 things to compare in this Buyer’s Guide.

Aprio’s board of directors platform is delivered as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service. Layers of advanced security and gives you the power to set granular access controls, guarantee compliance, and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices.

Despite the claims, not all board portal software offers the same data protection. When comparing SaaS board management portals, it’s well worth evaluating data security closely. To help, here’s an audit of our board portal for your IT team.

We are glad to introduce you to any of our customers for a personal conversation on what it’s like to use Aprio. Beyond that, see what users say about us on Capterra or G2.

Common reasons to re-evaluate the board management software used by a board of directors include:

  • Concern about value – are the features needed fairly priced?
  • Concerns about service: Is there truly helpful support for board administrators and directors?

There should also be evidence that you can contribute input and have your board’s evolving needs considered in product development by the board management software provider.

Some board management software pricing is for a lite product, not a full-featured product like Aprio. You’ll want to compare apples and apples. Ask whether all features are included in the estimates you receive, how many users are included in the cost, whether committees can privately share materials, and whether your cost includes training for directors.

With Aprio, you get “all in” pricing right for your size of organization. Our starter subscription includes 12 user licenses and an unlimited number of administrators and committees. Get full access to all of our board portal features plus access to unlimited training and unmatched expert support 24/7 from our team of former board administrators.

Our Aprio team cares more than any other board management portal provider about making boards run efficiently and making board administrators’ lives easier. We try harder, and we are always listening which is evident in our support and how our software evolves. If you would like to talk with any of our customers to hear what they say, let us introduce you. We welcome learning about your needs. We’re here to help – start a conversation with our team.

Evaluating board portal software? We’re here to help

It can be a challenge to evaluate and compare board software. Here are some resources to help guide you in your evaluation.

Aprio top 10 board portal features to evaluate

Evaluating board portal vendors 2024: Top 10 board portal feature comparisons

While it may appear that most board portal software are similar, there are big differences in overall value, customer service quality and how easy the technology is to use. How do you pick a board portal that’s right for you? See our easy guide for board portal feature comparisons.
what to expect when you migrate to a new board management system

Board portal switch: what to expect when you migrate to a new board management system

Switching to a new board portal isn’t as hard as you may think. While we can’t speak for other board portal software providers, see how we help customers make the switch from other systems in just a few weeks.
board portal security checklist for IT

Board portal security checklist for IT

Cybersecurity and risk are among the top concerns of boards - and a major reason why boards are adopting board portal software. See why evaluating board portal security is important and what IT teams need to assess.

Take the stress out of board meetings with Aprio board portal software.

Get a customized tour of Aprio – the best way to keep documents secure, eliminate paper and reduce meeting prep to minutes.
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